Some Reasons Why Apple May Reject Your Application

Apple-Reject-ApplicationYou just start programming your first application,  consulting the documentation, style guides and ways of doing everything that is in your mind without realizing it may have the risk that Apple reject it.

 In VentureBeat published nine reasons why Apple can reject your application. Reasons that may seem absurd but better to know and avoid delays in the launch.

 1: Do not use the word Beta , could indicate that it is unfinished and Apple can be quite strict about any indication that an app is unfinished or not yet ready for prime time. We have seen apps get rejected for being labeled “Beta,” “Preview,” and even “Version 0.9.”

2: That starts quickly , should not in any case exceed 15 seconds because in all mobile operating systems  iOS, Android, and even Windows – enforce a maximum app startup time. For iOS, the limit is about 15 seconds, and if your app isn’t running by then the operating system will kill it.

3: payment systems Apple requires that all digital content be sold through the built-in iTunes-based in-app purchasing mechanism. This applies to one-time purchases as well as digital subscriptions. If your app accepts other payment mechanisms for digital content, you can be sure it will be rejected.

4: Do not mention other supported platforms. Even with version for Android or Windows Phone do not mention either within the application or in the description of the App Store.

5: Localization glitches.Your application will be able to travel the world. Avoid formatting problems appear according to the location and price in euros or dollars, coordinates on a map, …

These are just the top five reasons discussed. The rest you can see on the website VentureBeat .Are you sure tips are good to you who are willing to programming for iOS.

Via: VentureBeat



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