Cloud Services can Completely Replace the PC as Early as 2014

Cloud Services

Overly rapid development of cloud and irrepressible growth of their popularity invariably lead to the final sunset era of personal computers, according to research firm Gartner. The displacement of their PC counterparts will be cloudy, according to its staff over the next two years.

Analysts clarify: we are talking solely about desktop PCs, laptops and netbooks and tablet computers and communicators, too, are personal devices, by contrast, will become even more popular. Note that some clouds are created specifically for these devices, in particular, Apple iCloud – a unique development by Apple, designed for devices of operating systems based on Mac OS X and iOS.

Now, every self-respecting computer company aims to become an integral part of the new “cloud” of the world. In addition to Apple, in this area have now been available software giant Microsoft, a few years ago, presenting its own cloud platform Windows Azure, and by Google. Portal Dvice says that now the Internet giant is developing a service Google Drive – Cloud storage of information available to everyone. Chinese corporation Lenovo also has a cloud service-oriented owners of its products, as well as corporate clients.

In the corporate segment, there is an active transition to “cloud”: large firms are increasingly paying attention to the possibility of these services and their leaders are increasingly resorting to virtualization jobs and the transfer of sensitive corporate information in the cloud storage, endowed with modern means of data protection. Advantages of “clouds” for corporate clients are obvious: such services are beneficial in financial terms, because the firm does not have to pay for the purchase and setting their own computing resources. This is advantageous in terms of safety – for the safety of data in each cloud of the relevant responsible professionals.

Ordinary users, recently preferring tablets, game consoles and smart phones and notebook computers, but will benefit from the transition to “cloud” – believe at Gartner. However, analysts argue that the victory of “clouds” of personal computers will be final.


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