About Some Services that Can Crush iCloud

About Some Services that Will Crush iCloudApple icloud is far from the first service to synchronize and store files in the cloud, but that Apple goes into the cloud moving in a way, the concept of regular users that are not always at the cutting edge of technology. The greatness of icloud is that it synchronizes and back up data automatically on devices that use IOS. Icloud makes it easier to keep track of contacts, calendars, email, pictures and documents between your iPhone, iPad, Mac or PC. The obvious disadvantage of icloud is that it is centered around Apple products (with the exception that icloud also works on Windows). With icloud get you five gigabytes of storage free. If you want more, users can purchase additional storage space (10, 20 or 50 gigabytes) to their account. 

Box.net attracts IOS users with lifetime free storage Tony Bradley from  “Journal PC World” discussed the advent of icloud with Aaron Levie, Founder and CEO of Box.net. Although the effects of having Apple as a competitor can not be ignored, Levie was more excited than anxious. icloud puts cloud-based storage and synchronization in the spotlight, which in the long run, giving impetus to similar services. But to take advantage of Apple’s launch of icloud provides Box.net now all users of iOS devices, 50 gigabytes of storage space absolutely free, which in comparison with icloud provides a saving of 750 per year. But even more important for many functions Box.net along with all kinds of devices : Android, Blackberry, HP Touchpad-plates and of course, iOS, Mac and PC.Box.net has an enterprise version costs $ 15 per user per month and has 500 gigabytes of space. 

Link : box.net .

The newcomer CX offers a 10-gigabyte free space CX is a new service that have not received much attention, but with ten gigabytes free to all users who register of the service, said it certainly get many users. A right smart feature is that if you share a jättefil with a colleague they count only the original space – any and all copies of the file does not count. If you want even more storage space can be purchased for 50 or 100 gigabytes, which costs $ 10 and $ 20 per months. Compared with the competing services, the cost of CX bit more expensive.

Link :cx.com

Sugarsync becomes BFF with Microsoft Outlook One of the most innovative news in sharing and synchronization of files in the cloud is Sugarsync for its new function Sugarsync for Outlook. Have you ever tried to send an email message just to see it bounce back because the attachments were too large? Or – perhaps even more annoying – someone sends you a whopping attachment that locks Outlook while it is downloaded? Sugarsync for Outlook solves these problems. If you install Sugarsync for Outlook , you can work with Outlook as usual , but instead of the file attached in the email message sent as a link that can be downloaded from your Sugarsync account – automatically. Pay Revision of Sugarsync available in sizes 30, 60, 100 and 250 gigabytes. 30 gigabytes costs $ 5 a month or $ 50 per year. 60 gigabytes costs $ 10 per month or $ 100 per year.

Link : www.sugarsync.com 

Dropbox improves support for mobile and web applications In addition to icloud is Dropbox is definitely the most well-known service for sharing and synchronizing files in the cloud. While its competitors are constantly trying to outdo each other in features and free offers, chugs Dropbox on without major changes. The latest update has taken place is a new version of Dropbox API – the same engine as the basis for Dropbox versions for the iPhone and Android. In the new version, safety has improved, adding a search feature and now supports more software platform snakes including Python, Ruby and Java. If you wantmore space Dropbox in sizes 50 to 100 gigabytes and costs $ 10 and $ 20 a month.

Link : www.dropbox.com 

Research Credit : Tony Bradley

Source IDG News


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