iCloud Harmony: Apple Released the New iCloud Advertising

iCloud Harmony - Apple Released the New iCloud Advertising

According to latest news reports, Apple released a new ad of iCloud with the theme of “iCloud Harmony”, designed to showcase the advantages of Apple’s push and storage cloud services.

The iCloud function is not an easy thing to show in just 30 seconds. In the ad, we see, the iPhone users to buy the album, followed by the iPad and MacBook can also automatically download the album; the iPhone to take a picture instantly via Photo Stream, in the iMac and the iPad appreciate; to set up a schedule on the iPhone Now the table, the user will be able to see the MacBook Air and the iPad; install an application on the iPhone, iPad, will also automatically installed; and add a contact in the iPhone, changes will be automatically synchronized to the MacBook Air.

Apple allows us to see the future of an automated cloud services, but advertising has always been advertising, iCloud synchronization in real-world usage is not immediately visible, you need to wait for the download of applications and songs.


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