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The World’s Largest 55-inch OLED-TV Valued at 8000 Dollars

The price of OLED-TV LG 55-inch screen at 9 or 7.9 million won thousands of dollars, according to The Verge blog with a link to the South Korean business newspaper Maeil . According to the newspaper, LG will officially present the TV during the Cannes Film Festival, which will be held in France from 16 […]

Tobii Gaze: Windows 8 is Controlled Through the Eyes

The¬†CES 2012¬†has been invaded by ultrabook tablet, but in addition to the main world producers the media have paid particular attention to a small Swedish company that has shown a futuristic¬†tracking system based on eye movement¬†.¬†The software¬†Gaze Tobii¬†eye tracking technology uses to move the cursor on the screen. During the event in Las Vegas there […]

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Microsoft:SkyDrive Cloud Service Comes to iPhone,iPad and Windows Phone

Microsoft embraces the cloud number plate on the mobile: The Redmond company has announced the availability of the first edition of ‘¬†official application dedicated to the SkyDrive service for the iPhone OS and Windows Phone platform¬†, allowing the owners of smartphones based on one of these operating systems that you have a new solution to […]

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The Problem of Dirty Fingerprints on the Touchscreen is Almost Solved

German scientists from the Institute of Polymer Research Max Planck created a “self-cleaning” coating touch-screen, reflecting the fat, water and dirt, as well as the emergence of resistant to fingerprints.¬†This result has been achieved experimentally – scientists caused by candle soot coating and then treated with its special chemical composition. First, the researchers was applied

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MacBook Air: About An Incoming 15-inch Model from Apple

Apple has already begun production of a MacBook Air with a larger screen to counter competition from ultrabook. According to information published by Digitimes, and from sources close to the production chain,¬†Apple¬†is going to announce a¬†15-inch MacBook Air¬†in the first quarter of 2012.¬†The aim would be to counter sales of¬†ultrabook¬†. As leaked, Apple will renew […]

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How to Activate the New Design,YouTube Has Now!

Well the news is the following, YouTube did “lifting” has acquired a brand new “face”.¬†This is now a full ananeomeni website with a strong element of Google +-why? – And several features exploring content.¬†If you have not yet shown the new design, do not worry we have the solution.¬†Folks in The Verge, discovered an easy […]

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Some Facts About Microsoft Social Network “Socla”

The Microsoft weblog social network (Socla) exists and is being tested. it’s distinguished from Facebook and Twitter, and should soon open its doors. Since last summer chasing the rumors a few doable Microsoft branded social networks . the most recent comes from the portal The Verge, who has revealed a preview of what the Redmond […]

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Xbox 360 :The New Dashboard is Available in Beta for Testers

The¬†new dashboard for the Xbox 360¬†is now available in beta for beta testers and, in the same hour, Microsoft has also launched the official Web site update Xbox.com as¬†announced¬†in recent days. The software for the Xbox 360 is eagerly awaited by the user, as¬†will upset once again the user interface¬†of the platform – which will […]

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Lets Hope ‘Breaking Dawn’ Lights Up in Theaters Soon

we can not anticipate the fourth part (Breaking Dawn) of the series “Twilight” that will hit theaters November 18, 2011. Like “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows” before we have a tendency to suspect that the purpose of dividing the components of one and two are a secret. It is likely, however, that the main […]

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