The Problem of Dirty Fingerprints on the Touchscreen is Almost Solved

The problem of fingerprints on the touchscreen is almost solvedGerman scientists from the Institute of Polymer Research Max Planck created a “self-cleaning” coating touch-screen, reflecting the fat, water and dirt, as well as the emergence of resistant to fingerprints. This result has been achieved experimentally – scientists caused by candle soot coating and then treated with its special chemical composition.

First, the researchers was applied to a panel of a thin layer of soot candle (30-40 nm) silica shell covered it, and “baked” at temperatures of 600 degrees Celsius, to make clear the soot. The resulting coating was able to push not only oil but also the organic matter. In addition, it can be used not only with glass, but other surfaces – aluminum, steel or copper.

Scope of the new coverage varied from windows that clean themselves from the rain water to the stain-resistant lenses. However, scientists have the technology needs a strong improvement, since the surface with such a coating is easily scratched, and chemical solutions used in place of candles and stove – not the most efficient way.

Earlier, his way of dealing with fingerprints on the display offered Corporation Apple. The idea (so far only formalized in the form of a patent) is to cover the panels with thin films of oleofobnogo (zhirostoykogo) material.

Via: [ The Verge ]

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