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5 tricks for to let more android storage space

With smartphones, it’s like being in your own home: If you don’t tidy up regularly, it becomes uncomfortable.¬†A full Android memory is also oppressive.¬†That’s why we show you how to free up Android storage space and thus improve the performance of your old android smartphone. As everyone knows, mucking out never hurts. It is no different […]

USB Appears as Dress Set Safety Pin- Complete Removal of Misplaced Fears

If you mention the name of Art.¬†Lebedev, perhaps many people will immediately think of custom keyboard Optimus series of this company.¬†Emerged through successful product launches unique keyboard, the company is increasingly asserted its position in the industry this harsh electronics.¬†And Art.¬†Lebedev has once again created a surprise with new products launched recently.¬†It is not a […]

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Google Drive Could Come in April with 1 GB of Free Storage

Today, many of the users use services¬†cloud storage¬†to store your files (and always have them accessible both from your mobile device or from a desktop) or to share some resources with your contacts and friends.¬†The range of options we have available is large (Dropbox, Box, SkyDrive, icloud, etc.) and service competition (with its offers and […]

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Box Gives 50 GB of Storage to Android Users

The services of¬†storage in the¬†cloud¬†have become an indispensable ally to have on hand from anywhere and any device, our documents and files that you can query, update and delete with ease.¬†In fact, thanks to these services users can securely share files with your contacts or use these services in the cloud for their backups.¬†Among the […]

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ReFS is the New File System of Windows Server 8

Resilient File System¬†(refs) is the name of the new file system for¬†Windows Server 8¬†, based on a subset of the features of NTFS, with the addition of new features that provide integrity, data verification and self-correction.¬†Refs can handle large volumes and works in conjunction with the¬†Storage Space¬†. With a detailed blog post on the official […]

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Rumor:Upcoming iPad 3 Will be Transparent and Rimless (Video)

Hold your breath¬†, although there are different kind of rumors are flying thick¬†and fast¬†for Apple‘s next generation tablet iPad¬†3 ¬†all over the Internet but the ¬†recent rumor is very exiting and that is ¬†iPad¬†3 will be transparent and rimless . Apple iPad is¬†world’s bestselling tablet and now¬†iPad¬†3 has left many people wondering how the next […]

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About Some Services that Can Crush iCloud

Apple icloud is¬†far from the first service to synchronize and store files in the cloud, but that Apple goes into the cloud moving in a way, the concept of regular users that are not always at the cutting edge of technology.¬†The greatness of icloud¬†is that¬†it synchronizes and back up data automatically¬†on devices that use IOS.¬†Icloud […]

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Bitcasa Introduces Infinite Disk Space in the Internet Cloud

Bitcasa Promises customers to sell unlimited storage space in its data centre. The Have used Extra Ordinary “Clever Compression Algorithms”. Although hard drives are steadily increasing, but more and more multimedia data to ensure that their capacity to run out again.¬†A possible solution to the problem now wants the American start-up¬†Bitcasa¬†introduce: The company promises customers […]

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Adobe Announces Creative Cloud

Adobe’s Chief Technology Officer Kevin Lynch announced during the Adobe MAX keynote a¬†“Creative Cloud”¬†to which is to a Subscription model access to tools such as Photoshop,

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Hulu Plus Comes to Vizio Android Tablet

Hulu Plus Now comes to Vizio¬†Android Tablet.Vizio have revealed that they are the primary Android Tablet to hold an ‚Äėapp‚Äô from Hulu and, the primary time that the Google owned device company have gone into partnership with the net video large.

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