Google Drive Could Come in April with 1 GB of Free Storage

Google Drive - Gdrive

Today, many of the users use services cloud storage to store your files (and always have them accessible both from your mobile device or from a desktop) or to share some resources with your contacts and friends. The range of options we have available is large (Dropbox, Box, SkyDrive, icloud, etc.) and service competition (with its offers and promotions) is becoming stronger.A breeding ground where there is an actor who has time preparing for landing: Google Drive , the storage system to the Google cloud, it seems,come next April .

GDrive , which is the name that will be serviced, is rumored to arrive early next month (as reported by sources close to GigaOM ) and even a Google service and therefore we have high expectations about the characteristics of the it seems that the storage capacity would be pretty cut since it would offer users 1 GB of space (up to 2 GB Dropbox offers free or 25 GB of Skydrive from Microsoft).

Are only 1 GB? The truth is that very little and, in my view, is an offer uncompetitive against what they offer other services that are already settled in the market and against their own storage capacity that Google is able to offer (Gmail, Google Docs, etc). Still, the offer of service is completed with a desktop client (as has, for example, Dropbox) and a web interface that would be close (if not equal) to those who have been leaking in recent months and that reminds us of the interface that has Google Docs . Indeed, its proximity to Google Docs (and in this service can store files) always made me think about the complementarity of the storage service with the office suite in the Google cloud, but I fear that until it is released the service can not check for this integration.

What we do has revealed is the existence of an API to allow third-party applications can use this storage space and store data generated or consumed by such applications and also seems to also be launched as GDrive integrated service within the Google Apps package (including the ability to use it under a custom domain).

Personally, although the API seems to me a very interesting idea, I think the offer of 1 GB is quite short compared to the existing offer and I have a feeling that GDrive could not meet the expectations of most users. However, the information circulating on the network is based on rumors and leaks, therefore, until the service launches officially have no opportunity to assess its functionality in a much more comprehensive.

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  1. ??I hope these are not rumors any more,About 2 months back also there was news about Google drive ( and now again, It’s been a long wait. All this time I was hunting for some tools for cloud storage and found CollateBox went through their recent video, Its interesting n i hope it provide more space than Google Drive. I feel with 1GB limit is very less if we compare with MS, FlickrPro..


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