Box Gives 50 GB of Storage to Android Users

Box Gives 50 GB of Storage for Android Users

The services of storage in the cloud have become an indispensable ally to have on hand from anywhere and any device, our documents and files that you can query, update and delete with ease. In fact, thanks to these services users can securely share files with your contacts or use these services in the cloud for their backups. Among the variety of existing services can find the popular Dropbox or Box and precisely, the latter has decided to give additional storage space to users who install the client for the platform Android .

Users who install on smarphone Android App Box, which can be downloaded from the Android Market , and activate your account, from now until March 23, receive 50 GB of storage space (5 GB usually offered and 45 additional GB free). The offer is not bad and certainly worth seize it but it is important to know that Box, in the case of free accounts, no synchronization services from the desktop since these functions are available in the paid version (which costs $ 15 per month) and also the maximum file size is limited to 25 MB.

50 GB of space in the cloud, even if you can sync from a desktop computer is an interesting offer worth taking that although users should note that the client’s Android Box uses the email addresses of the agenda of the terminal. A nifty little detail you have to weigh the good integration with Box featuring third party applications, such as the ability to send files to Gmail or view them in Google Docs.

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