USB Appears as Dress Set Safety Pin- Complete Removal of Misplaced Fears

If you mention the name of Art. Lebedev, perhaps many people will immediately think of custom keyboard Optimus series of this company. Emerged through successful product launches unique keyboard, the company is increasingly asserted its position in the industry this harsh electronics. And Art. Lebedev has once again created a surprise with new products launched recently. It is not a new device in the series Optimus keyboard, which is a USB flash drive is called with a long name is Bulavkus Safety Pin USB Drive.

USB appears as pin -1

These generally have USB compact size serves not only for backing up data, but
also easy to carry anywhere.Therefore, many who had lost not one but a lot of the same USB. Although there are many designs that support users the ability to keep her from lost USB, such as the typical design with styling like a key chain, but it seems that this situation is not very positive. However, the advent of Bulavkus is expected to create successful products surpassed the previous release. Designed to shape the pins with a USB drive is mounted at the top, few people probably would not feel strange when first seen.
USB appears as pin
Like the staples are used daily, the benefits of using this USB flash drive that users can pin it on any type of clothing or even with cloth bags that do not have to worry to work will lose it or not. It becomes very useful (by the USB is not able to keep from crashing) with people who are always looking for ways to keep the USB from being lost.
However, compared with the offer resistance lost, Bulavkus that would make many people frustrated by its storage capacity up to 4GB only. That also means it will not impress those who are “craving” a lot of storage space on their compact device (here the USB). So would be great if their boss Bulavkus support a storage “crisis” than now.
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