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Details Coming to be Considered in the Hardware of the New iMac and MacBook Pro Retina

There is no debate, both¬†the MacBook Pro 13-inch retina¬†as the¬†new iMac¬†have industrial design to a new level and finishes, and technology improvements are worthy of the best devices on the market.¬†But this constant improvement, downsizing, miniaturization, weight loss … etc is based on the use, increasingly, your own components¬†developed exclusively by and for Apple.

If Battery in Your Retina MacBook Pro Runs Out Soon? You Can Solve it

The new¬†MacBook Pro retina¬†screen ¬†is very expensivesome users have invested their savings in this laptop.¬†And there are some of those users who have complained that¬†the laptop’s battery lasts a very short, about half¬†of what should take according to official specifications.¬†Did you find this?¬†If your Retina MacBook Pro isn‚Äôt delivering the battery life you expected, try […]

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5 Biggest Drawbacks of the New MacBook Pro Retina

1.¬†Difficulty of Repair These screws, parts of Apple’s near-monopoly, and the parts expensive and difficult to replace the malfunctioning, especially new screen Retina. Also a memory upgrade is a major obstacle of this laptop when it completely out in the future improvements in technology and memory storage.

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Apple MacBook Pro With Retina Display From This Octobor

Last Monday, Apple¬†‘s MacBook Pro donated a performance update.¬†At the same time, the manufacturer of Cupertino has the¬†“New Generation” MacBook Pro with retinal display¬†presented with a screen size of 15 “.¬†After iPhone, iPad, and 15 “MacBook Pro is only a matter of time before Apple will buy the retina display and other devices.¬†Sooner or later […]

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New MacBook Pro Announcement of the Retina Screen

Apple has released a¬†new television ad screen MacBook Pro retina¬†presented on Monday during¬†WWDC 2012¬†.¬†True to the style of the block, the ad focuses entirely on the product and what we can do with it with a slogan as simple as the design lines of the company: “The radically new MacBook Pro Retina screen.¬†Innovation in every […]

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iFixit Has Disassembled the New MacBook Pro Generation

Maybe the¬†next generation MacBook Pro¬†is very similar to the “old” by their external appearance, but Apple already said everything inside is brand new.¬†And that sentence is just what wakes up the curiosity of the boys from¬†iFixit¬†, which¬†have already dismantled component by component¬†to find its bowels.

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Apple Introduced a New 15-inch MacBook Pro Laptop

Apple introduced a 15-inch MacBook Pro laptop with a new generation of screen that supports resolution of 2880 by 1800 pixels – four times higher than the average MacBook Pro with the same diagonal. A significant increase in resolution screens Apple has already tested on their mobile devices.¬†Smartphone iPhone has display with a resolution four […]

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Apple will Stop Production of 17-inch MacBook Pro

In anticipation of WWDC 2012 in the network there are new details about what products can show us Apple. We’ve heard that line of MacBook Pro can get a thinner shell and¬†Retina-displays¬†.¬†In a network, even appearing¬†specification 13-inch¬†and 15-inch “proshek”, but was nowhere mentions the older models with a diagonal of 17 inches. Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo […]

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Rumor: A Massive Renovation of the Range of Apple Laptops and Desktops

Five days before the¬†opening keynote¬†at Apple’s¬†WWDC¬†2012¬†, rumors pointing to a¬†massive renovation of the range of apple¬†laptops and desktops ¬†are so insistent that we decided to make “the exception of the week” and to present recent evidence immediately anticipating our¬†new section on Sundays¬†. As you can see in the picture below you will find the inventory […]

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