Details Coming to be Considered in the Hardware of the New iMac and MacBook Pro Retina

Details Coming to be Considered in the Hardware of the New iMac and MacBook Pro Retina 1

There is no debate, both the MacBook Pro 13-inch retina as the new iMac have industrial design to a new level and finishes, and technology improvements are worthy of the best devices on the market. But this constant improvement, downsizing, miniaturization, weight loss … etc is based on the use, increasingly, your own components developed exclusively by and for Apple.

These elements are the ones that are allowing the company to match iOS strategy regarding miniaturization, but in return the company is being forced to design almost as standard components like memory as RAM or hard disk. To what this is good point? How much value a smaller team in exchange for not being able to change anything in it?

And is that the latest laptops from the company includes both HDD and RAM soldered to plate making it unfeasible changing these components, once purchased you will die with the device without making any kind of expansion, improvement or even maintenance. This development is also very present in the latest equipment of the house:

  • 5400rpm hard drive as standard. Although not yet confirmed, it seems that the new generation iMac includes small size hard drives, i.e. laptop. This would not be a big problem if it were not for that Apple has decided to include 5400rpm models in all versions of portable desktop, including the most expensive, so we need to pay for the disk change if we have a higher performance drive.
  • The basic model can not use Fusion Drive . This is more a marketing strategy than anything else, but the basic model does not allow the use of Fusion Technology Drive, so we need to pay the extra half model to make use of the improvement.
  • Only the model of 27 inches allows change memory RAM . So far the change has enabled iMac memory RAM relatively simple, but as of now only the 27-inch model will allow access to the interior easily by the user ( as can be read on the website of equipment specifications ).
  • Bonus: Do not expect to change the memory RAM on your MacBook Pro 13-inch retina. Even more curious, or frustrating, is the fact that the new 13-inch MacBook Pro does not allow any modification of memory RAM (even paying), all models are available with 8GB of RAM and at no time is allowed 16GB configuration. Logically are welded to plate making the change on our part is unfeasible.

I understand that these changes are intended solely to improve the design of the laptop / desktop, but …how important is that paragraph to sacrifice all these options so far “core”?


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