iFixit Has Disassembled the New MacBook Pro Generation

iFixit Has Disassembled the New MacBook Pro Generation 1

Maybe the next generation MacBook Pro is very similar to the “old” by their external appearance, but Apple already said everything inside is brand new. And that sentence is just what wakes up the curiosity of the boys from iFixit , which have already dismantled component by component to find its bowels.

The top image shows the engineering effort that Apple has done with this laptop, which is basically divided into eleven pieces . For an entire generation laptop computer is very surprising. In the process iFixit describes how Apple makes it increasingly more difficult to remove it, and are now the same Cupertino engineers who have full control of both the manufacture of components and their assembly.

Some curious details: the batteries are no longer bolted but fastened with glue, the unit SSD is Samsung, the distribution of space prevents ports holding a cable or a memory USB port unused leave next door … the MacBook Pro new generation has come out with a score of ‘reparability’ of 1 out of 10 , indicating that it is virtually impossible to repair it ourselves. Many thanks to our reader Victor Gutierrez for sending the news!

More info:  iFixit


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