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iPhoto for iPad, is the Other Surprise of the Evening?

iPad3 Presentation Event 7th March 2012 – Latest Keynote News and Pictures Each presentation of a new iPad has been accompanied by a new app with Apple to extend its capabilities.¬†In 2010 it was¬†iBooks¬†, in 2011,¬†iMovie¬†and¬†GarageBand¬†, would you be the turn of¬†iPhoto to iPad¬†?¬†Not only would the latest iLife application to make the jump to […]

Apple Delayed the Deadline to Implement Sandboxing in all Apps of Mac App Store

Apple has once again delayed the deadline by which all applications must implement Mac App Store Sandboxing. previously passed in November 2011 as the deadline to March 1, 2012. It seems that the extra time has been insufficient and the period increases. Something that has been welcomed by many developers still have not solved the situation.

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Tim Cook Talks About OS X Mountain Lion and Future of Mac OS X

The Wall Street Journal has been able¬†to interview Tim Cook¬†after the announcement of¬†Mountain Lion¬†tearing some interesting statements about the future of Mac OS X and assimilating IOS features.As noted in the American newspaper, Mountain Lion is the clearest sign of Apple’s belief that¬†the world of mobile devices, laptops and desktops are designed to converge¬†, and […]

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Mountain Lion OS X will be Sold Only on the Mac App Store and Not USB (Download)

Mountain Lion OS X has come to light a few hours ago, and we’re still discovering all the details that Apple poses.¬†Besides all the features announced at the official website of the company is always the fine print, those details that maybe overlooked in the descriptions but end up influencing the user in some way.¬†From […]

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AirParrot Enables Mirror Mode on your Mac to Apple TV (Video)

AirParrot is an application for OS X that allows us to send the image of your Mac to the Apple TV¬†as we would with the iPhone 2 and video mirroring.¬†The application is installed in the menu bar where we can access the options. These options are quite simple but that does not take much more.¬†We […]

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iTunes 10.4.1 for Windows and Mac Users [Download]

Apple has launched a day-to-point iTunes for Mac and Windows. solely bug fixes and therefore the unleash of higher performance, iTunes 10.4.1 addresses many important problems that are disturbing to the users of the iTunes version 10.4. A very painful it had been to the proper of iTunes 10.4 was the shortcoming to simply assign […]

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