iTunes 10.4.1 for Windows and Mac Users [Download]

iTunes 10.4.1 for Windows and Mac Users [Download]Apple has launched a day-to-point iTunes for Mac and Windows. solely bug fixes and therefore the unleash of higher performance, iTunes 10.4.1 addresses many important problems that are disturbing to the users of the iTunes version 10.4.

A very painful it had been to the proper of iTunes 10.4 was the shortcoming to simply assign custom design for music files, typically used for lesser known albums might not be accessible on the iTunes Store. alternative problems were additionally fastened, as that creates the program tougher to use keyboards with any third party because of the location of the multimedia keys supported.

If you utilize Windows, iTunes 10.4.1 additionally includes the recently released Windows specific QuickTime 7.7, which incorporates security fixes and additional stability. The Mac version of iTunes 10.4.1 includes a fix for a bug that caused the program slow to load when the pc woke from sleep.

About Apple Software Update..

This little update comes only 1 month when 10.4 was released iTunes. Said unleash includes many performance enhancements of the soundness of Windows and Mac versions of this program, however centered specifically on the second, that adds support for newly released OS X Lion in integrating native functions like full screen and sleek ride and slightly change the user interface. iTunes 10.4 is additionally the primary version of an application complete 64-bit Cocoa on the Mac, that permits higher performance when serious work resources, like songs trans coding.

To install this new update, merely launch the Software Update app on Windows or OS X and you ought to be suggested of the 10.4.1 update iTunes, simply click the “Install” button and therefore the rest is automated. The update method itself ought to take simply some minutes and doesn’t embrace changes in visual jukebox software from Apple accepted. All users ought to download this update as soon as doable.

  1. Fixes a tangle where the media keys on some third-party keyboards work inconsistently with iTunes
  2. Addresses problems with adding design to songs and videos
  3. Resolves a difficulty which can cause iTunes to become unresponsive when getting an HD movie
  4. Fixes a tangle where iTunes might take longer than expected to open when waking your Mac from sleep (Mac)
  5. Addresses problems with VoiceOver support (Mac)
  6. Includes QuickTime 7.7 (Windows)

Download iTunes 10.4.1.



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