Tim Cook Talks About OS X Mountain Lion and Future of Mac OS X

Tim Cook Talks About OS X Mountain Lion and Mac OS X Future

The Wall Street Journal has been able to interview Tim Cook after the announcement of Mountain Lion tearing some interesting statements about the future of Mac OS X and assimilating IOS features.As noted in the American newspaper, Mountain Lion is the clearest sign of Apple’s belief that the world of mobile devices, laptops and desktops are designed to converge , and that the block is determined to be the catalyst.

“We see people in love with a lot of applications and features,” Cook said pointing to his iPhone. “So let’s take the Mac any thing that makes sense”

Apple is now offering fierce competition with other manufacturers and is serving as the similarities between their operating systems to offer consumers an experience that is critically family through all kinds of devices. It may seem insignificant, but the ramifications of this decision could have effects throughout the technology sector . Phil Schiller, Apple vice president of marketing, it is clear …

“We took a logical step in what the user will experience using these products to make everything make sense. This is more of what people expect. “

According to Cook, he is already thinking of IOS and Mac OS X as one, something indivisible“incremental functionality” and even said that laptops and tablets will continue to exist, does not rule out reaching technologies converge further. Pulling the thread, the newspaper reporter was fine to ask theCEO of Apple on whether they have considered using the same processors on iPhones, iPads and Macs, to which Cook responded: “We think of everything. Never rule out anything “ .

To the head of Apple, the Mac will remain an “incredibly important” for the company, which also is already benefiting from the success of the iPhone, especially in China, where sales of Macs have doubled over the past year.

“They know and what Apple stands, so they seek out are the Mac”

Apple has sold a record 5.2 million Macs in the last quarter, up 26% from the previous year, and although the apple computers only represent 5.4% of global PC sales, this figure has also increased from 4.5% in 2010. And while Apple benefits from the halo effect, Microsoft is trying to imitate its strategy with the launch of Windows 8, an operating system designed to work in both traditional and tablet PCs.

“I do not really think anything of what makes Microsoft pressured Apple

Cook says while indicating that his company focuses on creating the best product possible, so that the pressure on the apple is “self-induced” . Finally, and not wanting to give details about future releases in the range of Macs, they expressed their pride in the MacBook Air :

“The industry in general is trying to copy it somehow, but they will realize that it is not so easy”

Thanks for Great Efforts of  The Wall Street Journal for Tim Cook`s Interview.


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