iPhoto for iPad, is the Other Surprise of the Evening?

iPhoto for iPad3, is the Other Surprise of the Evening

iPad3 Presentation Event 7th March 2012 – Latest Keynote News and Pictures

Each presentation of a new iPad has been accompanied by a new app with Apple to extend its capabilities. In 2010 it was iBooks , in 2011, iMovie and GarageBand , would you be the turn of iPhoto to iPad ? Not only would the latest iLife application to make the jump to IOS (sorry, iWeb or iDVD has long since passed away), it is also the most sense to bring luster to the iPad screen HD Retina.

The only difference with iMovie and GarageBand iPhoto is that IOS and now features a photo app in IOS 5 also acquired some modest editing features (auto, red eye and cropping). You can also create albums and make slideshows, but still far from his older brother as far as organizing photos, display (especially in regard to metadata) and effects are concerned. Not to mention the creation of books and calendars are concerned, of course.

It is always difficult to predict what the next move that Apple made, but there is a way of imagining what will end up doing with the iPad is to ask ourselves what kind of things keep the bulk of mortals can use the iPad as your computer principal. Today photography is a very important part of our lives, so I can think of few edges better than filing.

Some ideas for iPhoto IOS

  • I love to organize my photos by¬†faces and places¬†but today this work is heavy even in the version for Mac OS X iPhoto’11.¬†If Apple decides to release it for IOS, I hope you rethink your interface up and down to do tasks like this much easier.¬†It is absurd that we can not rule out suggestions or quickly add photos to a map point is so cumbersome.
  • Similarly, and given the success of¬†Instagram¬†, would be great if Apple adopted the same approach to retouching images looking for certain¬†looks¬†over the monotonous current effects.
  • Left and clear my¬†complaints about streaming photos¬†.¬†I expect a lot more of icloud and one of the things to start is to synchronize all my photos, not just the latest 1000.¬†In line with this, a perfect feature for iPhoto for IOS version would be the ability to create¬†shared events¬†to which our friends can add photos collaboratively.
  • Finally, Apple could adapt the technology of¬†Final Cut Pro X¬†to apply¬†labels¬†automatically (portrait, landscape, group, colors …), or at least, if you prefer to reserve this feature for Aperture, enabling drag-tags to define and implement easily.

Do you think of some more?

Via: Daring Fireball


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