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How to Lose Weight Without Hunger: Important Rules for the Use of Proteins

Those who want to lose weight, do not be afraid to eat protein: meat, fish and seafood, eggs and cheese.¬†Protein products to help lose weight without hunger, as they give a feeling of satiety for a long time, and still nourish muscle tissue and improve skin tone.¬†However, it is not necessary to get involved: full¬†protein […]

Lose Weight by Watching Horror Movies

But it must be a horror movie and make sure you are not served with popcorn and soft drinks. In one study done by LOVEFiLM.com site , the scientists from the University of Westminster, UK studied the influence of the horror movie to factors such as heart rate, inspired oxygen , carbon emissions and energy consumption.

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Weight Mirror : Visualize your Body with Pounds Less

Have you ever imagined yourself with a few pounds less?In¬†Weight Mirror¬†the result is immediate, without food and without any effort “going under the knife.”¬†Just up a photo of your entire body and choose how much you want to lose weight.¬†You can view your photo with up to 30 kg less.

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How to Lose Weight and Stay Healthy

We all know the ideal settings for Beauty: 90-60-90.¬†And, of course, strive to attain them.¬†Today, thanks to active promotion of harmony, we know a lot of weight loss methods.¬†From world clinics and promoted to the author’s techniques of popular diets of the people. In the world there are about 30,000

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Now Lose Your Weight with Chocolate and Sweets – Research

And it’s not just another myth, but quite understandable pattern.¬†The fact that in the morning and up to about 12-13 hours of the day the rate of metabolism in the body, the highest.¬†Then, during the day, this process slows down and the lowest of his figures are closer to the evening.¬†The body begins to burn […]

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Lose your Weight Without Dieting:Simple Tricks of Stars

How to quickly lose your weight without dieting ? There are some simple tricks of¬† the celebrities, stylists, fitness instructors and nutritionists to lose your weight without dieting. Trick number 1: Soak Soak in a bath of salt – the main thing that was part of the magnesium sulfate, which displays the fluid from the […]

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