Weight Mirror : Visualize your Body with Pounds Less

Have you ever imagined yourself with a few pounds less?In Weight Mirror the result is immediate, without food and without any effort “going under the knife.” Just up a photo of your entire body and choose how much you want to lose weight. You can view your photo with up to 30 kg less.

Weight Mirror : Visualize your Body with Pounds Less 2

For more accurate results, enter your current weight and height to ” adjust “in step two. The standard program is to inform in pounds, but you can choose the weight in kilograms and centimeters in size. Once this is done, it is immediately calculated your BMI (Body Mass Index, in English) and you can choose how much you want emagracer simply drag the arrow down the scale. The result appears in a photo alongside the original.

The Weight Mirror is not just a weight loss simulator. You can also see a gain in weight up to 15 kg. After the simulation, you can send the results by email to anyone you want.

Other features include the ability to change the brightness and contrast of the photo, rotate it or tilting it.

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