How to Lose Weight and Stay Healthy

Lose Your Weight With the Help of a MicrochipWe all know the ideal settings for Beauty: 90-60-90. And, of course, strive to attain them. Today, thanks to active promotion of harmony, we know a lot of weight loss methods. From world clinics and promoted to the author’s techniques of popular diets of the people.

In the world there are about 30,000 diets. Now everyone is extremely fashionable slim with mono-diet. It is believed that they are effective and can achieve the desired result in a short time.

How are they useful? How to lose weight without losing health? And most importantly, they do not return to work the lost weight back? In the authors decided to investigate the documentary channel REN TV “Diet” from “Cheers” (aired June 14 at 18:00), together with the famous nutritionist Michael Ginsburg.

One of the most popular now become a mono-diet protein diet.

Protein diet can lose weight without feeling hungry. Fish, meat, eggs can be eaten in unlimited quantities. From diet to exclude only the sweet, flour, potatoes, bread, pasta and butter.

The effect of dietary protein is achieved due to the fact that the meat is digested slowly and do not want to eat often. But Dr. Ginsburg said – protein diet, like the others, it is difficult to sustain. Moreover, only proteins, and carbohydrates are deleted from the diet, can only be slender and athletic people. For overweight people, this diet can result in deterioration of health.

So how can that be? How to get the desired shape and stay healthy? The doctor is ready to give all hudeyuschego universal advice: “If a person eats 5-6 times a day, he ate 20 percent fewer calories than if he had eaten three times a day. So, just a frequent meals, the same cup of yogurt, a slice of bread, and have effectively reduced your calorie intake. “

Here it is – the secret of ideal weight. Supplement it is only one advice – exercise and give up alcohol. After all, the ideal weight for someone who is truly a healthy lifestyle.


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