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The Step Back from Instagram

Instagram denies intention to sell the photographs of the users and extinguishes the fire by describing a misunderstanding in the terms on which it hour remedy. As in the best film, after the crime and before the judgment the protagonist is hiding behind a soon “I can explain.”¬†It is always a measure of late, but […]

Instagram Images no Longer Appear in the Twitter Feed

Instagram photos are now no longer appear in the Twitter feed.¬†Twitter has said in a blog post¬†confirmed¬†.¬†Background of this step is the endeavor of Instagram, the user draw more on its own platform.¬†You should not only look at the pictures on Twitter.This strategy was explained Kevin Systrom of Instagram last week.¬†Although you can continue to […]

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Contestgram: Participate in a Contest for Photographic Instragram

The social network Instagram has become in recent years a real mass phenomenon. Instagram has found part of its success thanks to the characteristics of essentiality and simplicity. In the App Store there are numerous applications that integrate with your photo social network. For all lovers of contests and challenges here is a fun application.

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Instagram Brings the User Profiles on the Web

Born as a service exclusively oriented to the mobile world, with special app for smartphones and tablets that have always represented the single point of access to the portal,¬†Instagram¬†has decided to change the registry also embracing the traditional Web.¬†The company recently¬†acquired¬†by Facebook for about a billion dollars, has announced the¬†creation for each registered user a […]

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Instaglasses, See Life Through the Filters of Instagram

The Instagram continues its rapid course in photography at this time measuring more than 50 million users of iOS and Android . The designer Markus Genes decided to go the popular photo sharing application one step further by designing Instaglasses glasses with interchangeable filters and shoot.

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KLIK: A Face Recognition Application for IOS

Imagine¬†a Instagram able to recognize your friends¬†in photos and tagged you become automatically shared on Facebook.¬†Well basically that is what¬†KLIK¬†, a facial recognition application for IOS able to connect to our Facebook account and identify our acquaintances with enviable precision and speed. If only it were so, a sophisticated but useless¬†facial recognition system¬†would have the […]

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Instagram Users, Furious with the Sale on Facebook

Fans of the popular¬†photographic¬†app “Instagram“¬†complain about the operation and feel that it was time to press the ”¬†delete¬†“.¬†Through the wall of¬†¬†the popular social networking and messaging on¬†Twitter¬†,¬†reflected Their anger. Mark Zuckerberg¬†¬†announced on Monday an agreement to¬†¬†buy¬†¬†Instagram¬†for¬†U.S. $ 1,000 million¬†in cash and company stock.¬†But¬†the news did not leave everyone happy.¬†

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Escape from Instagram: How and Why?

Facebook¬†has¬†acquired¬†Instagram¬†and it has a specific gravity approaching the big¬†bag¬†from the social network.¬†There is, however, a significant slice of¬†Instagram users who did not like¬†the maneuver: Twitter in the last hour there has been a proliferation of messages of disappointment and some say that you have already deleted, or star in order to eliminate their photo sharing […]

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Instagram Has Been Acquired by Facebook For $1 Billion

Instagram ‚Äďone among the most well liked image-based social networks at now in time ‚Äď has been acquired by the world‚Äôs biggest social platform,¬†Facebook which boasts in more than 800 million active users.Instagram has not even two years running, and¬†recently¬†has been an exclusive service for IOS on the iPhone including¬†the latest updates¬†which amended the user […]

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Instagram for Android, Available from Today

Instagram¬†, the popular application that allows you to filter interesting photos taken with iPhone,¬†is now available for Android¬†.¬†Google just announced that this version can be downloaded free of charge Instagram¬†Google Play¬†. According to the announcement in the¬†press center¬†of Instagram for Android,¬†now you can use Instagram on any camera phone that has Android 2.2 or newer […]

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