Instagram Users, Furious with the Sale on Facebook

Instagram Users, Furious with the Sale on Facebook

Fans of the popular photographic app “Instagram complain about the operation and feel that it was time to press the ” delete “. Through the wall of  the popular social networking and messaging on Twitter , reflected Their anger.

Mark Zuckerberg  announced on Monday an agreement to  buy  Instagram for U.S. $ 1,000 million in cash and company stock. But the news did not leave everyone happy. 

“I think it’s time to delete my application before Facebook Instagram ruin it” , wrote one user on Twitter. “Facebook just bought Instagram. Another thing to clear “ , said another tweet.

Analysts of Crimson Hexagon , a company specializing in the study of social networking content, only 12% of the 201 000 entries of the operation in Twitter are positive . 10% checked ” I do not like “ on Facebook and another 10% promised to wipe Instagram. 

But why such anger? Facebook is hugely popular and has the same basic mission of Instagram: encouraging people to build virtual networks to share their lives.

But for users of Instagram, its application to cult status is very different from the massive Facebook , as there is no advertising and personal data of users not sold to companies.

The main point is to share pictures, but for the “hard” Instagram the traffic of images of a cell phone to another is seen as safe compared to the privacy issues they say have Facebook.

Zuckerberg went to appease the purists and said that they can maintain their accounts in Instagram and his followers separated from Facebook.

The success of Instagram summarizes some published data on its web site: over 30 million registered users, 575 alerts “Like” on Facebook and 81 comments per second.

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