KLIK: A Face Recognition Application for IOS

KLIKImagine a Instagram able to recognize your friends in photos and tagged you become automatically shared on Facebook. Well basically that is what KLIK , a facial recognition application for IOS able to connect to our Facebook account and identify our acquaintances with enviable precision and speed.

If only it were so, a sophisticated but useless facial recognition system would have the most graceful thing, but their successful combination with photo features and interesting social possibilities filters have become a real revelation. Using slang: KLIK I like .

And I like for all the reasons why Polamatic seemed like a disappointment. It’s free, original and includes a refreshing collection of filters that give a truly unique finish our pictures (especially Toxik and Tonik are fantastic). And that, today with dozens of clones of Instagram swarming the App Store is quite an achievement.

The application had already been a few months available in the App Store in a trial, but it was not until today with the arrival of version 1.0 when it has finally matured enough to stay afloat thanks to the addition of a mode learning new faces to add or improve current recognition, intelligent filters that adapt to the faces of the photographs, geolocated photo browsing …

As the only negative details are mandatory to use a Facebook account, logical and reasonable to nutriste of our contacts for the recognition, but certainly annoying to the more cautious with their privacy, some typefaces inexplicably pixelated (if intentional does not make sense and if not less) and an interface that just for being different, lightly at first be mistaken. However, with this fully recommended.

By the way, Face.com, the company behind the application, is an Israeli startup founded in 2007 responsible for various applications including facial recognition to Facebook PhotoTagger and Photo Finder. One of his main rivals, Polar Rose, was acquired by Apple in 2010 for $ 29 million and its technology was used to improve the system of recognition of iPhoto. Seeing how their competitors are lining up, it would be wrong to bet Apple empezase more strongly by this technology.


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