Escape from Instagram: How and Why?

Facebook Buys InstagramFacebook has acquired Instagram and it has a specific gravity approaching the big bag from the social network. There is, however, a significant slice of Instagram users who did not like the maneuver: Twitter in the last hour there has been a proliferation of messages of disappointment and some say that you have already deleted, or star in order to eliminate their photo sharing account on the platform.

A kind of “repulsion effect” has thus occurred in these hours of learning of the acquisition of Istangram by the team of Mark Zuckerberg: despite the CEO and founder of the social network has stressed its desire to leave Instagram as a service to part and not really wanting to do something solely dedicated to Facebook, too many seem not to be enjoyed in a move that goes some way to crack the social identity of the group that was tight around the application over time.

The reaction of this part of users is that you want to delete your account , stop using the app and go to one of the alternatives available today on the app store. Following are some tips for those indicated thus intends to give away the exodus from APP before switching to Facebook. First, it is good to use some software that can help you not miss the pictures posted on the social platform:

  • Instaport.Me need to send the photos shared on Instagram to another social network or store them on your hard drive;
  • Copygram is useful for downloading images to publish as a. zip;
  • Instadrop Instagram connect with Dropbox;

Among the applications that offer an alternative to Instagram however, there is to be reported Pinweel for iPhone that allows you to take photos, apply filters and photo albums to share with a select group of friends; PicPlz , functions similarly to Instagram; Room + , app complete with image editing capabilities and has a large community; Pixlr-o-matic , with excellent user interface. Those who do not wish to lose touch after the deletion of Instagram, can use Gramfeed, Statigram, or Instagrid Listagram , Web clients that will be updated on account activity Instagram a particular user.

The Windows Phone users, which as yet can not but enjoy the presence of Instagram the app store platform, it can leverage on the excellent Creative Studio .


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