Instagram Brings the User Profiles on the Web

Instagram Brings the User Profiles on the Web 1

Born as a service exclusively oriented to the mobile world, with special app for smartphones and tablets that have always represented the single point of access to the portal, Instagram has decided to change the registry also embracing the traditional Web. The company recently acquired by Facebook for about a billion dollars, has announced the creation for each registered user a profile accessible via the browser containing a wide range of information about each member.

The new profiles will mirror for large lines the interface created by Facebook to its Timeline, proposing a main image dynamic, composed from time to time by the last shots loaded by the user, an image of static profile, a small summary of the biography user and some numbers for the statistics of the latter. Web you can also view the profiles of other members, to express their appreciation for the photos of others, leave a comment or edit your profile using special tools.

Although they have the goal of bringing in some way Instagram in the desktop, the new profiles do not account for this effect a complete opening to the social network: for the moment, in fact, is impossible to upload new photos using your computer , since Instagram strongly linked to from this point of view to the mobile world. And if the user requests have been heard regarding the profiles, just born as a result of numerous invitations of membership, just does not seem to happen for uploading photos, with the managers of Instagram strongly determined not to distort the your project.

Furthermore, the latter sees in the birth of a new online profiles show how you can continue to be an independent despite the change of ownership in the hands of Facebook. The Menlo Park social network is enough therefore to make use of some technologies and experience gained in recent years from Instagram, but does not seem willing to close the service portal to integrate fully within their instruments.

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