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Beyonce will Perform the U.S. National Anthem for Obama

Famous singer Beyonce will perform the American national anthem at the inauguration ceremony of the President and Vice-President of the United States Barack Obama and Joe Biden, said the organizing committee. At the inauguration of the newly elected leader of the United States Beyonce will sing the national anthem.The inauguration will take place on January […]

Mark Zuckerberg is No More in

Mark Zuckerberg has born out of the highest Ten Most Powerful folks within the World when the botched securities market floatation of Facebook. But  Now … Mark Zuckerberg is No More in the  list of TOP 10 Word Most Powerful People”. The founding father of the social network fell from ninth to twenty-fifth place within […]

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Fox News Disputes Its Own Ohio Call

Why on Earth did Fox News call Ohio for President Obama before all the votes were cast? That’s the question posed by Fox News analyst Karl Rove, right on Fox’s air on election night, creating some awkwardness on the set. Some excellent awkwardness, actually. Hey, pleaded Rove in the 11 p.m. hour, there’s only a […]

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Barack Obama Official Song Make Every One Crazy! (Video)

Wao! Barack Obama started singing songs after the politics and made around 50 lac peoples crazzy in just 2 days Barack Obama (President Of U.S.A) singing a song in his conference. Even the leader of the free world can’t escape the pull of Carly Rae Jepsen‘s catchy summer jam, “Call Me Maybe.” Using snippets from dozens of President […]

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Obama Seeks new Steve Jobs

Supporting anyone who aspires to become like him. Barack Obama has cited Steve Jobs in his last speech to the Union before the elections, as many had expected in fact also and above all in the blogosphere. And the U.S. president did not disappoint. A speech on his own, which marked a new record in the history of political events […]

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Obama Will Not Allow Their Daughters to Register with Facebook

Social network Facebook with nearly one billion users, does not include page of daughters of U.S. president Barack Obama . The “strict father” did not allow them to start their own profiles on social networks. Policy of the husband in this regard is fully shared by the first lady – Michelle Obama (Michelle Obama). She believes that her daughters […]

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Barack Obama Arrives on Tumblr for Election Campaign

The election campaign is getting on the web and in fact a few hours Barack Obama arrives on Tumblr with a space provided. It was the first president in U.S. history to have collected more money with the mail with the election dinners, the first occupant of the White House to open a Facebook page […]

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Follow President Barack Obama on Foursquare

Now there will be little question regarding who is the Mayor of the White House. President Barack Obama has officially build the jump to the Foursquare and is perhaps reaching to be checking in additional places than Carmen Sandiego.

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