Follow President Barack Obama on Foursquare

Follow President Barack Obama on FoursquareNow there will be little question regarding who is the Mayor of the White House. President Barack Obama has officially build the jump to the Foursquare and is perhaps reaching to be checking in additional places than Carmen Sandiego.
According to the White House, Obama has Foursquare account. From President’s trip through the Midwest, BO is doing as he discusses ways that to strengthen the economy of the region. It began service check-in Cannon Falls, Minnesota, where he met with a bunch of five hundred folks.

Obama already has regarding 13K followers plus, however that range can seemingly grow quickly. After all, currently you’ll be able to extremely see what being a president of the jet set with a comprehensive program that’s absolute to embody some points of interest. it is time to start out living vicariously, however while not the effort of traveling truly.

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