Simple Tips, Which Can Make Your Eyes More Beautiful

Simple Tips, Which Can Make Your Eyes More Beautiful The eyes – their language. They sometimes speak louder than words can express. How much benefit from your eye makeup, can be seen at a glance, if one eye makeup and leave nenakrashennym another. With eye make-up must first consider the number of funds: too much eye shadow, too dark, too thick strokes can make the most beautiful eyes heavy and lifeless. But if you follow a few guiding recommendations, your eyes will always look beautiful.

With the help of light and shade can be given the glamor and gloss over their eyes are small flaws.

Try to combine a beautiful shade of green with blue eyes and reddish-brown shade with green eyes.Eyes can give extra shine with mascara and liner or liquid liner age. Day be sure to check, not blurry the shadows. They can be “corrected” with your fingertip or a little extra powder eyeshadow. Do not forget to thoroughly wash off makeup from the eyes to prevent irritation. After removing makeup, apply an eye cream.

Small eyes

They can be increased through the dark shadows. Dark shadows apply a light layer – in any case not thick – on top of the crease century. To increase the amount can be much makeup eyelashes black or dark brown mascara. It is important not to hard edges and do not apply the finishing touches on his eyelids.

Big eyes

They can use any makeup. But do not make them even more, so do not paint your lashes lots of mascara.

Beetling brows

Apply a matte dark eyeliner Eye lashes from the edges almost to his eyebrows. In the middle age (over the iris) light eyeliner and carefully put the point of her dark eyeliner Shade. Then zacheshite up lashes with mascara and gloss again nakraste dark ink toward the top.

The horizontal shape of the eyes

From mid-century draw a thin line and extend it toward the outside. Cover a large number of lashes mascara.

Drooping eyelids

On the lower and upper edges of the eyelids to hold a pencil outline. Then hold the delicate line on the top of the lower and upper lash finely sharpened pencil to outline century. On the outer fold of the century in the form of an arc put dark eyeshadow. Arc obscure, so that they gently winding down toward the top and ended almost at the eyebrows.

Slightly bulging eyes

The dark eye shadow applied to the edges of the eyelids so that they are almost invisible to fade around brow. Liner to the lower edge of the eyelashes and thereby conceal the shadow around the outer corners of eyes. Then the lashes much makeup mascara. In this form are not acceptable eye bright eyeshadow with metallic luster.

And finally, some general rules. A small amount of paint sometimes creates a stronger effect than its abundance. Make-up for the evening should not look much different from daytime. Colors evening make-up should be except that a little more intense, so they do not absorb light or artificial lighting of candles.


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