Scrubs for all skin types

Scrubs for all skin typesWe, the women living in cities is more difficult to keep the skin in pristine beautyBut if you try, it is still possible.

Skin cells are constantly being updated, it is a natural biological process. The top layer of dead skin must be removed, because it does not allow the skin is saturated with oxygen, moisture and food hampers, which she absolutely necessary. Of course, daily washing, cleaned of excess scales, but not enough. The best tool for the care that should be in a beauty arsenal of every woman – facial scrub, but it can really effectively remove dead skin cells.

In English the word “scrub” translates as “clean, scrub, scrub.” Method of application corresponds exactly to this value of words: you massiruete face, clearing it of dead cells. But how does scrub? It consists of a foundation – usually a cream, gel or cosmetic clay and exfoliating particles – the heart of any scrub, they can be synthetic or natural. As manufacturers of natural cosmetic products are most commonly used stone ground apricot or olives, salt, sugar, coconut. Synthetic same – artificial microspheres “recipe” that every manufacturer dezhit secret. Basis softens action exfoliating particles, eliminating the possibility of damage to sensitive skin. In cosmetics, the balance is perfect, the producers clearly verifies the ratio of the base and peeling agents.

Scrubs with natural peeling particles have more credibility with buyers, we are accustomed to the fact that the gifts of nature can not hurt. But do not forget that natural substances are less forgiving and can cause an allergic skin reaction. Therefore, when choosing your scrubs you need to know a few truths.

First, select the scrub should be on your skin type. If you have it normal, can experiment and choose any means, guided only by their own preferences. A great option – scrub cream “diet Beauty – Cleansing, Anti-Toxins Skin Naturals» from Garnier.

If you have oily skin, look for funds on a clay or gel base, they not only cleanse the skin, but suzyat time – the result will exceed all expectations. Gel Scrub Gel Exfoliant microgranules from Vichy to fans like this French brand, and women more economic cleansing scrub suit Skin Adapt from Olay. You can try and natural scrubs, oily skin, as a rule, less allergens.


If you have dry or sensitive skin, prefer soft scrub cream base with synthetic particles. They are less traumatized skin, providing a gentle massage, but quite effective. Scrub cream Gammage Doucer Les Demaquillantes from Payot, for example, is designed specifically for owners of dry and sensitive skin, and sometimes you can pamper yourself by means of this cosmetic brand, they are worth.

If you have problem skin prone to acne, with closely spaced vessels, please refrain from the use of cosmetic scrubs, they can only aggravate the skin condition. You will beautician or soft scrub, home-cooked.

So, you’ve got a treasured jar, and you can not wait to try the magic bullet?Wait until the evening, after using the scrub for the face is best not to disturb the skin or make-up is not an ideal urban air. Come home, remove the makeup, take a bath, a little rasparte skin and then apply the scrub. A few minutes massage your face and rinse with cool water scrub. Blot with clean skin and apply a nighttime restorative agent (toner or cream). It is now ready to absorb your skin is the best: the use of scrubs normalizes metabolism, opens pores, restoring healthy breathing.Scrubs for all skin types

Just do not overdo the use of scrubs! Women with normal to oily skin can use scrub 1-2 times a week, and owners of dry and sensitive skin – an average of 1 every 2 weeks. Abuse can be thinned scrubs top layer of skin, to break the water and protective sheets. So how would you like any time and time again to clean the skin, keep yourself in hand.

What to hide, to the development of the cosmetics industry also existed scrubs. Women for centuries by trial and error came up with consistency and money on skin careAnd from generation to generation, passed each other recipes, daruyuschee beauty and freshness of the skin.Your family probably has their favorite “home” Scrubs. And if not, check out our ideas. All you need – look in the refrigerator in kitchen cabinets and include fantasy.

For normal skin most options: you can take the salt, sugar or coffee grounds, mixed with a small amount of liquid cheese, sour cream, honey and even crushed bananas – and a useful nutrient scrub is ready. If you give preference to sweet manner, and skin will get a pleasant aroma.

for dry skin scrub from oatmeal: grind them in a blender and mix with milk or cream until smooth. Weight should be fairly thick and not get carried away with fluid

For oily skin will also help oatmeal: but this time for them to add a bit of ground rice grains, and as a basis to choose the most low-fat product


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