What Makes A Bride More Photogenic?

what makes a bride more photo genicOn your wedding day whatever you choose in hairstyle and makeup it will be finish but the only  thing which  kept you happy for long time is “Your weding pictures”. Besides the beautiful styling, the use of makeup tips for more attractive picture is a secret. As the make-up man said, it is important that you feel confident in yourself, “Do not try to create a different “image” because when you do not behave naturally, images that  recorded through photographs will also look unnatural. Here are some tips to get beautiful pictures on the wedding day and  makes a bride more photogenic.

1. Use moisturizerThe greatest error is to makeup for dry skin. Moreover, as the picture, marks on the skin will dry obvious. So, do the first step is a moisturizer and cream for a few minutes to penetrate the skin before using foundation. Please choose the type of oil-in order to avoid greasy. 

2. Do not forget the cream linerTo be durable makeup all day, a little cream liner will form a layer between the skin and prevents makeup, helps prevent oil seepage into the wash pollen. Just a small amount is enough  for your entire face.

 4. Make the right way Often the foundation, about a quarter is enough for the face. Put your hands all over face and then use a sponge to spread all across the leather substrate.

 5. Highlight tipsCameras are often more visible details, so when using the highlight for the entire face, you will be blown out of the picture. Therefore very little to highlight select areas around the eyes and also avoid using white. The experts say the best highlight of the pink and yellow because it matches with any colour.

6. Light colored eye shadow eyeliner with a black lead plant and then cover up with powder blue purple. These colors are not too bright nor too dark, so the picture will be more natural. 

7.color your eyebrows, you should choose brown instead of black cardboard.  On that part of eyes which can sparkle use light pink or grams of gold powder to increase the prominence. Also do not forget mascara to lashes for more attractive look .

7. Use appropriate blushCherry red colors are best suited to wedding makeup trend this year. Blush makeup brushes should agree to within the cheek bones rather than focusing on the highest point.

8. Choose fresh lip colour Although the current trend is usually red lipstick colour but to up the beautiful and natural, you should choose pink , rather than dark.

9. Finish with layer of talcum powder A transparent layer of talcum powder will help to avoid natural face greasy throughout the party. 

10. Try before shootingBefore you step outside, take a picture of yourself to check are you looking really natural plus  attractive and  photogenic?

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