Are You Interested in Permanent Blue Eyes Without Lenses ?

Are You Interested in Permanent Blue Eyes Without LensesNow instead of lens, surgery for permanent blue eyes With this laser removes melanin (The brown pigment of the upper layer of the iris).

Minor surgery can be a permanent alternative to colored lenses. 

Doctor of medical services company in California has created a new therapy Lumineyes, which uses a laser to remove brown melanin pigmen from the upper layer of the iris. 

Operation “give way” of blue, brown which replaced within two to three weeks after the procedure. 

Dr. Greg Homer, however, warns that the process is irreversible, since melanin can not be restored or replaced.

Brown eyes are most common in the world and their color was due to the pigment layer in the upper part of the iris.

Blue eyes also have melanin, but in scarce quantities and concentrated in the deeper layers of the iris. 

Thus the eye absorbs long wave light, but reflects the shorter.

Dr. Homer, a former lawyer shoubizneza says that cosmetic surgery will cost just under $ 500. In his words, for patients from outside America, it will be available in about a year and a half. According to “Daily Mail” is still ahead clinical trial. Melanin is protected enzyme needed to protect the eyes from bright sunlight.Nations with blue eyes tend to live in northern regions, with brown eyes – in the temperate regions, and black-eyed – near the equator and the north.


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