Scientists: Sadness is More Dangerous than Smoking

Scientists: Sadness is More Dangerous than SmokingDespite the fact that depression is a relatively weak factor, which triggers a stroke, in contrast to hypertension, it is no less dangerous than tobacco.
head of research Dr. Ann Peng proved that patients who complain about the depression, the risk of money stroke by 45% higher and the risk of dying from it by 55%. Depression increases the likelihood of ischemic stroke, which occurs due to clogging of blood vessels and blood flow to the brain.
Previously, experts have shown that depression can lead to obesity, diabetes and hypertension. However, most doctors believe that a healthy lifestyle can help prevent stroke, even if a person is constantly sad.
Psychologists say that depression affects a person in two ways. First, in this state is allocated a stress hormone that causes the body to regularly be in a depressed state. Second, depression completely changes the quality of life, and certainly not for the better. Depressed people often eat junk food, drink and smoke. Especially depression attacks man in the offseason.
inclement weather, wet and slush are not conducive to good mood. Psychologists in this case is advised to build around their positive thoughts and actions. In particular, it is possible to do design of his apartment.


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