Do You Know, How to Deal with Depression ?

It is only at first glance spring depression, which occurs when the blooms and smells, to win easier than a similar condition in other seasons. Feeling that do not have time to “wake up”with nature, can only exacerbate the feeling of hopelessness. How to deal with depression and this mental Illness?

Do You Know How to deal with depression?

They say that depression – a woman in black, which is knocking on your door. It has to be let in, sit at the table, try to feed him, and then ask – why did you come to it. And then you have a chance to say goodbye to her.

For some unknown reason, science, depression tends to worsen in the spring and fall. Scientists have only assume that the reason lies in the fact that like any transition state, preparing for “winter anabiosis” in and out of it taken away from us a lot of energy, hence the apathy and Mental Illness, and reluctance to do anything. For some unknown reason, other seasonal depression twice as often strikes women.

Statistics  the sly thing, perhaps, the clue is that the stronger sex is banal does not like to deal with such “nonsense” to the doctor.

But in order that the mind will give vulnerable during various seasonal and weather fluctuations – it is difficult to argue.

So what to do with this very dark woman, who always comes at the most inopportune moment? How to understand and let go?


Strictly speaking, how to deal with depression, if it’s – it’s serious mental illness. Not just the decline of sentiment, and biochemical changes. Disease that requires serious treatment. But apart from “major depression”, as it is called the doctors, there are also so-called depression that are familiar to almost everyone: depression, loneliness, constant fatigue, loss of zest for life,insomnia and lack of appetite. Often depression is masked.Thus, pain in the head, back or stomach can be caused not by disease of internal organs, namely depression.

By some estimates, the number of “spring depression” Muscovites comparable with the same number of New Yorkers, and the largest city in the U.S. suffer from seasonal effective disorder 7% of men and one in five women.

The saddest thing is that conventional medicine has little to offer you effective than antidepressants that do not actually heal, maim and by suppressing the production of serotonin in the body of its own.

This does not mean that the detection of depression in themselves do not need to go to a specialist or grieve the problem: how to deal with this Mental Illness – on the contrary. A good doctor will help the diet, to support in word and appoint the necessary procedures. And also tell you – what you can do for themselves. Most likely, it will be around the next set of measures.

How to deal with depression? Rules

Take your vitamins. To maintain high mental and physical performance in addition to any of the following vitamins and minerals: magnesium, chromium, vitamin E, vanadium, biotin, L – lipoic acid, zinc, and selenium.

Get out into nature, as much as possible go on foot, especially in sunny weather. The sun’s rays have the ability to activate the human brain activity and thereby stimulate our entire organism.But if the street fair, this does not mean that the walk can be undone. Regularly go out into the fresh air, regardless of the weather. Serotonin  – the same substance, which is lacking depression, loves oxygen. Especially useful for a walk before bedtime – when depression is particularly aggressive in taking the property of his victims in his arms.

Increase the time for sleep. Sleep more at least on weekends. If you feel the need, even sleeping in the afternoon. Dream – the perfect cure for many diseases, including depression. But if the dream does not go, do not lie on the bed, indulging in sad thoughts. Get up and find something to do. Better – physically.

Try to visit more often to people who go to visit. But try to avoid those who are already depressed. A bad mood is contagious.Doctors have found that approximately 20% of the relatives of those who suffer from depression, it is also ill, while the relatives of healthy people depression is observed in only 7% of cases.

If possible, change the environment – go on excursions, rearrange the furniture in the apartment. “Black Dog” Churchill was afraid of everything new and fresh. Change of impressions is the best solution. That is how it can flush out. It is known that lime and orange color in the interior can improve mood, even in the gloomiest weather. Get a bowl with green color, and the morning starts with oranges. And to go anywhere your blues!Color Therapy – great question – how to deal with depression.

Take care of yourself – Improve your looks, change your hairstyle, pamper yourself with new clothes, preferably a bright color, go to the baths, swimming pool, do some exercise, but do not overdo it.

Use natural means to maintain the tone – herbal teas (marjoram,hawthorn , calendula), essential oils, bath with sea salt.

The correct diet helps to easily get rid of the spring depression.

Try to avoid a low-calorie diets and heavy, fatty and sugary foods. Limit yourself in a strong tea and coffee. Do not abuse alcohol to the black anguish crossed into delirium tremens.

Truth in food 

Here is a list of products from which to make the menu, elevates mood and improves the well-being an control Mental Illness:

  • foods that contain iodine, – color and  sea kale , sea fish;
  • fresh vegetables and fresh herbs (especially parsley, celery, leeks, garlic);
  • nuts;
  • dark chocolate;
  • dried apricots;
  • fruits (especially bananas, oranges and other citrus fruits);
  • oriental spices (they can be seasoned as ready meals and fresh salads, desserts).


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