Proved Relationship of Depression and Stress with Cancer

Proved Relationship of Depression and Stress with CancerU.S. scientists have confirmed the widespread belief that the cause of many serious diseases lies in the mind of man. This is the conclusion, researchers from Houston, who proved relationship of depression and prolonged stress with cancer.

Scientists have long observed this relationship in practice, but not long enough to prepare the ground for the theoretical conclusions. Now the necessary facts are available. Scientists explain: people experiencing depression, rises in blood levels of protein. And often the protein accelerates the growth of cancer cells and promotes the growth of metastases.

 Those same people who are experiencing stress and depression for a long time, the body formed by norepinephrine. This material was accelerates the growth and proliferation of cells that are already affected by a malignant tumor. It is known that when a person is in a depressed mental state, the brain sends signals to every cell in the body. Cells, including malignant, appropriately responds to this pulse and begin to develop, says physician portal TV. Therefore, a hypochondriac much higher chance of seriously ill than those carefree optimists. 

Scientists have advised all the people who are afraid to hear the terrible diagnosis, rarely think about the serious illnesses and enjoy life. And the danger of cancer only to remember during a regular checkup with a specialist.


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