Resident Evil 6 Will be Able to Offer Co-op Multiplayer -Trailer

Resident Evil 6 Will be Able to Offer co-op Multiplayer-TrailerCapcom has announced yet another game Resident Evil, scheduled for 2012 (in the company to Revelations and Operation Raccoon City). The new game, which received modest title Resident Evil 6 to be released in November 2012.

To say that Capcom announcement surprised everyone the same way as, for example, the November announcement of GTA V, it is impossible. The company almost did not hide that somewhere out there a long time (as it turned out – two years) are developing the next numbered parts. That means at E3 representatives talked about the fact that a series of “rethinking” and want to return to its roots – that is, to the horror of the shooter, then at Comic-Con will pop up a mysterious invitation to a meeting where will disclose the truth about the next game, then suddenly a few voice actor accidentally indicate in their network summary, they are working on the sixth part. By the way, thanks to this here “oversight” actress Wendy Mok that the game will be a zombie made in China became known as much for two months before the release of the trailer.

And do not make a mistake.To no one left in any doubt, in January launched a viral campaign Capcom: the web site opened No Hope Left , which appeared regularly photos of different places, decorated with the same inscription. Then on the site posted video recorded by some “resident of China.” Which revealed first page users doubted – suddenly no site has been created by Capcom, and another lover of trolling the network (out with a site-teasers Half-Life 3 has recently happened that way ). But gamers were able to establish clear relationship between site, thematic outdoor advertising company and Capcom, which stood for and all of these enigmatic graffiti and a heartfelt monologue of Chinese peasants. Comparing this with earlier information that the site of action of RE6 will be China, users have suggested that repeated figures 1.19.2012 – is the date of announcement of the game.

Capcom really has announced the sixth part of the series, presented some information about a future game and showed the first trailer. And judging by it, the developers under the guidance of executive producer Hiroyuki Kobayashi (he produced the Resident Evil 4 was a programmer and the first part) actually decided to go back to where it all began.

Thus, in Resident Evil 6 will reappear zombies. Are what they should be: dark mozgoedov crowd with a fixed gaze, just waiting, as if to break zazevavshegosya hero to shreds. True, the official Twitter of the project promise that the sixth part, they will differ significantly from the living dead who were in the RE before. But what it is they will not be so is unclear (although Twitter’s leading players offered to prepare for the worst, and therefore, local walking dead are likely to be stronger and more nimble than those to which users are used).

In general, the walking dead in Resident Evil 6 will be many and various. And the epidemic begins at least at two points in the city of Tall Oaks, where the heroes have to fight right away with 70 thousand of the living dead – and in China, where bioterrorists will arrange further global action.

Resident Evil 6 – Official Trailer


Leon will be one of the whole three playable characters (each of them will get their own storyline). That he would have to go to Tall Oaks to do battle with an army of many thousands of zombies. A companion to Kennedy in RE6 will be a government agent, Helen Harper. The second will be the hero, Chris Redfield, who will travel to China to battle with bioterrorists and mysterious “new” monsters, which are known only by their name – J’avo. Who will partner Chris, Capcom has not yet disclosed, but it is assumed that Redfield will be assisted by one of the men of BSAA (Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance).At this time, among those who “hook” the virus will be the head of the United States. The name of the president in the trailer is not called, but apparently, it’s Graham – the one who for four years before (that is, in RE4) kidnapped daughter Ashley. The head of state will not accidental victim: infection occurs before the performance, in which he was going to tell the truth about what happened in Raccoon-City. After the president will catch eat up some of the administration, Leon Kennedy will have to shoot him.

On the third hero while virtually nothing is known – except that he hired, who also had to contend with zombie and J’avo. Fans of the series suggests that it could be Alex Wesker – “brother” Albert Wesker, familiar to players of the first and fifth games of the series. However, this is not the only version of: other gamers suggest that “an unknown mercenary” might be even Steve Burnside (but still unlikely). His co-worker is likely to be Ashley Graham, the daughter of the President of Resident Evil 4, which for some reason, now is a nameless hero and the company scrambles to keep him from dying.Fly in this ointment adds one. Recently, Dave Turner, head of marketing Capcom in the UK, open up to reporters and said this: “We want this game and like millions of fans of Call of Duty, loving dynamic online games.” True, he was not talking about RE6, and of Revelations (it will be on 3DS), but if Capcom really planning to compete with Activision for “millions” amateur shooters, nothing good can be expected.After leaving the trailer Capcom went all the forces to insist that, say, Resident Evil 6 – a return to where it all began. As early as January 21 in the official session was a series of Twitter to communicate with fans.There, in particular, promised that in addition to the colorful shooting in the game “Resident Evil for the classic moments” and the elements of survival horror. This gives fans of the series some hope that the sixth part will not be another colorful shooter, where the atmosphere of the first part did not have anything – not even a zombie.


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