pod2g Untethered Jailbreak Demonstrated for iOS 5, iOS 5.1 (Video)

Are you itching for that untethered iOS 5 jailbreak that’s simply round the corner? does one like being teased? If thus, you’ll wish to see out the video that iOS hacker extraordinaire pod2g has posted. As advertised, it’s a jailbreak and it doesn’t need computer affiliation when a reboot.

Untethered Jailbreak Demonstrated for iOS 5, iOS 5.1

The phone within the video is an “iPhone 4“, not the “iPhone 4S“. pod2g has additionally been performing on an iOS 5 jailbreak for the A5-running iPad two and iPhone 4S, however they’re farther from unharness. This jailbreak are for all iOS 5 devices aside from those 2. which means the iPhone four, iPhone 3GS, iPod bit fourth generation, and original iPad are moving into on the untethered action.


Most developers hate being pestered for unharness dates, however pod2g has been generous with progress updates. Last week it gave the look of the jailbreak was surfing its final days of testing, however he’s had additional kinks to figure out. He currently says that it’s nearly prepared for prime time, however additionally asks for patience, saying that there are “some additional days to attend.”

An untethered jailbreak for iOS 5 would be a welcomed vacation gift for iOS users. The firmware has been around for a few of months currently. Though it’s been jailbreakable from the start, it’s a tethered jailbreak, requiring you to attach your device to a computer anytime you reboot your device. The untethered jailbreak can take away those chains.

As nice because the untethered jailbreak are, the $64000 prize are a jailbreak for A5 devices. The “iPad 2” and iPhone 4S have so far proven to be nearly not possible to hack, however pod2g has been creating progress on that front too. Last weekend he mentioned that the largest obstacles were processor cache problems, however he quickly remedied that. The iPhone 4S and iPad two jailbreak won’t be unharness as quickly because the jailbreak within the video, however there’s a decent probability pod2g are releasing it before too long.

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