Semantic Search: Google is Changing the Way of Search Engine

Semantic Search Google is changing the way the search engineAccording to a website Wall Street Journal, the top search engine in the world, Google plans to change the way this time, adopting the semantic search  in combination with existing algorithms.

This means that search results will no longer be just links to websites but more complete responses based on the meaning of the words we use.

Semantic search will provide a better understanding of the true significance of words and by extension most relevant results. According to the company, the new system will operate similar to the way the world perceived by the human mind.

The searches will be mapped to a huge database that includes people, places and objects, which is developed by Google in the last two years.

At the base semantic search function and search engines Wolfram Alpha and Bing. The adoption of Google‘s related to the acquisition of Metaweb Technologies in 2010, which gained access to a very strong database of more than 12 million records movies, books, companies and celebrities.

Via: WSJ 


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