Nokia Introduced Flexible Tablet Kinetic Device Like Paper

Nokia Introduced Flexible Tablet Kinetic Device Like Paper 3Nokiashowed a tablet, which can be controlled by bending it in different directions.

Finnish mobile phone manufacturer, Nokia World event in 2011 (an exhibition in London), presented a prototype of a flexible plate – Kinetic Device. It is assumed that the future of the major trends in the transparent and flexible gadgets. In addition, its flexibility will be interactive.Nokia Introduced Flexible Tablet Kinetic Device Like Paper 3

 Nokia Tablet Kinetic Device is controlled by touch screen is not customary, but by the deformation of the device, it can be bent in the vertical and horizontal direction or the user can perform twisting movements.

Curl serves as a tool to scroll through menus, and even bend a team select the active item. If this picture, the smooth curvature scales the image.

The company claims that such devices on the market will go soon, but now it has become clear that this is real. 4-inch mini-tablet is made by technology AMOLED; viewing angles of 180 degrees.

Extending this idea, Samsung plans to begin mass production of flexible smartphone with a touchscreen. The company has confirmed the release of unofficial information in 2012, the first mobile phone with a flexible body.The corresponding statement was made ??by the representative of the company and Robert (Robert Yi) during the discussion of financial results for last quarterNokia Introduced Flexible Tablet Kinetic Device Like Paper.  

“In 2012 we plan to provide a flexible display. And we hope that this will be only the first stage. The first area of ??application, most likely, will be mobile phones, “- said the representative of the company, adding that after the phones will be equipped with flexible displays, tablets and other mobile devices.

The company said that the new mobile phone should be to continue the success of the Galaxy S II. This suggests that the device will enter in the same family. Smartphone Samsung Galaxy S II on the Android platform has become the most popular in the history of the manufacturer – the first 5 months of delivery exceeded 10 million units.Nokia Introduced Flexible Tablet Kinetic Device Like Paper

Previously, Samsung has already demonstrated a flexible OLED-display are placed in a rigid body, which retained their curved, reports PC World.Technology OLED (organic light emitting diodes) means that each pixel of the screen itself emits color. Such displays are easier to produce in a flexible way than the usual LCD-screens, which would need more light and, say “News”.

However, the intention to proceed with the production of mobile devices with screens did not speak. In July 2011 an industrial designer Heyun S (Heyon You) introduced the concept of a flexible mobile phone Samsung Galaxy Skin, which can be bent, and the interface device is automatically adjusted.




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