Meltemi – A Secret Weapon of Nokia in the Growing Market?

Meltemi - A Secret Weapon of Nokia in the Growing MarketNokia said it expected to place all of the Microsoft solution to find the light path of glory day.However, the gamble with Windows Phone, if successful, can only help to prop up the market Nokia smartphones only intermediate and advanced levels. The remaining 50% comes from the popular phone segment, and Nokia can not ignore this huge market. Therefore, nothing too surprising that the recent reports that the Finnish electronics firms have big plans for the popular product line.

Earlier this month, a top information technology post information said Nokia was able to develop a new mobile operating system called the Meltemi . This is an operating system based on Linux, it enables Nokia to integrate some features of the smartphone on a device with very cheap price. If you do so, Nokia will reach out to the developing markets, where the line runs Windows Phone can be difficult to reach. Production of smartphones shipped by Nokia has dropped to 34% in quarter 2 past, while the popular product segments also suffer the same plight with a drop 16% to 71.8 million. Shortness of breath on the front Nokia smartphone is now well known, but there is another reason that its sales decreased continuously in recent years, is due to slow adaptation in emerging markets.Consequently, Nokia spent looking at their market share gradually stolen by rivals, including small domestic manufacturers. 

“The Meltemi phones running Nokia’s smartphone will not like, and how it will not affect the commitment that Nokia has set the Windows Phone “, citing analyst Stela Bokun of Pyramid Research. 

The new platform would be consistent with the guideline that Nokia has set out earlier this year (which is connected to a billion users on the Internet), and catch up with the latest trends of mobile market development .

” Stela referring to Africa as an example to the markets in which Nokia is being overshadowed domestic manufacturers of small. 

The big manufacturers have heavy losses because they do not promptly receive two SIM phone that is very popular in the developing countries,” said Stela.

“Nokia, despite being loudly about the new SIM phones 2    release, is to admit that it has been slow over the domestic competition, at least in the African continent.” 

Consequently, of course, accompanied by significant losses in market share for mobile education. 

“New trends of small telephone companies now manufacture smart products sold (quasi-smartphone), and this is the chance that Nokia should take the Meltemi. Finnish electronics firm should soon bring to market the device looks like a smartphone but the fact that ordinary phones to meet demand in the emerging markets. Just so, the new Nokia hope to compete with domestic rivals, and especially Samsung – Nokia’s biggest competitor in this segment, “said the Stela. 

Now, all eyes of the world technology is poured on Nokia World 2011 event, where Nokia is expected to launch “fresh” product to run phone Mango 7.5 first. However, Windows Phone is only part of the picture that Nokia must be drawn up, and a proprietary operating system for the popular segment will have the same important role in making Nokia the lead back on the market.


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