Samsung MV800 – The First Compact Digital Camera with 180 Degree Swivel Screen

Samsung MV800 - The First Compact Digital Camera with 180 Degree Swivel ScreenThis morning in the city, Samsung Electronics has introduced a new compact digital camera called his MV800 Multi-View. The camera point-and-shoot with a unique 180-degree swivel screen and very compact design.Aimed at young users is personality, likes the convenience and unique, MV800 is equipped with several options to help you create the picture is full of lively and artistic. 180-degree swivel screen also allows you to be comfortable creating images that were previously very difficult to capture the new you. Whether shooting in high angle or low angle shooting festivals like Kids, animals, plants … you can easily observe all that I want to capture frames.


In addition to still be talking about a range of other image-editing functions that you can apply to your image. For example functional Smart Filter ( Smart Filter 3.0 ) help to create black and white photos, antique, animated images, Vignette, pencil image, image ankle … or effects Frames magic ( Magic Frame ) allows us to integrate images into different backgrounds. You just need to take before a broken background, such as walls, picture frames, the surface of a building … then manually delete the images need to insert a plate and then take another likeness to the cage in the blank above. Everything can be done on a very easy without a computer. Also MV800 also has many other effects such as cages in Figure ( Picture-in-Picture ) allows two images into each cage, miniature photographic effects Miniature, functions Beauty Shot automatically optimize color identity, Storyboard Maker … On the hardware side, Samsung MV800 fairly compact shape and simple aluminum. The front consists of Flash, the German Schneider lens has a resolution of 16.1 MP, 26 mm focal length for shooting wide images with a 5x optical zoom. The back is also very simple, only the capacitance touch screen 3 “with two hard keys are Home and Play . Especially when flipping the screen up, you’ll see below there is an additional button more shooting case above the shutter button is obscured when the screen rotated 180 degrees. It also sports a HDMI port for direct export images and sound (video) to TV out.It is expected that Samsung MV800 will cost about 6.99 million contract. You can see more here and here .

Specifications of the Samsung MV800:

Lens: Schneider, focal length 26 mm

  • Image Sensor: 16.1 MP CCD
  • ISO: Auto, 100, 200, 400, 800, 1600, 3200
  • Display: TFT LCD 3 “swivel 180 degrees
  • Memory Card: microSD
  • Size: 92 x 56.2 x 18.3 mm
  • Weight: 121g without battery and memory card
  • Battery: 740 mAh
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