Some of the New IOS Features Not Supported by all Devices

IOS1Apple claims that iOS 6,  is “compatible” with devices as old as the iPhone 3GS which was originally released nearly three years ago  but  at the bottom of Apple‘s iOS 6 info page lies there is a small disclaimer: “not all IOS devices may use all functions of the next version of its iPhone and iPad operating system.”

For example Siri will just hit the new iPad, not the rest, while the new 3D maps or turn by turn navigation will be outside the scope of the iPhone 3G and iPhone 4. FaceTime calls over 3G  I hope you have an iPhone 4S or you will continue to need the jailbreak, and if you want to share photos streaming, use the lists VIPMail or offline reading list of mobile Safari, the better you go considering the possibility of retiring your 3G after its three years of service.


As you can see from this table, the iPhone 4 or iPad 2 also get less love from Apple that their latest versions, iPhone 4S and the new iPhone, but all of them, including the iPhone 3G will still be able to use the rest of 6 IOS features such as new maps, Facebook integration, synchronization of Safari tabs or renewed by icloud music stores and applications along with dozens of improvements of greater or lesser depth from which it is worth noting at the center of notifications or new call options.

Some restrictions are reasonable, especially in the case of 3G, others as shy Siri spread of the new iPhone are frustrating but predictable, while as many as the lack of support for the original iPhone (with more powerful hardware than the 3GS) or Flyover and turn navigation on the iPhone 4 (still very capable enough to run games fluently with intensive 3D graphics as the saga Infinity Blade ) are blatant enough to make torches . What do you think?

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