Why do You Need a New iPad, if You Already Have an Old iPad?

i padiPad – the most popular tablet, it’s a fact.You may like or may not like it, but dry the sales figures do not lie. While no one Android-not even close to a competitor to Apple slumped in sales. Let’s see how it goes with the models from Microsoft on Windows 8, but as long as “apple” brand more than half of the market tablets. And the new iPad should only further increase the gap. After all,it  has Retina display, which boasts of how well Apple.

I do not like the iPhone. At least, it has too little screen (in comparison with modern Android-flagships). As a maximum, Android-smartphone ecosystem are much better than Android-Tablet, iPhone and on the background are quite good – look at the new Samsung Galaxy S III, for example. But iPad accused of something far more complicated. No wonder the share of iOS in the smartphone market is much smaller than the plates. The only thing that may surprise Android-rivals, it’s smaller size and price, but judging by the sales, they did not help much.What is the reason?

The fact that the stability of the ecosystem and the Android-tablet is much worse. The new version of ICS solved many problems, but some still remain. For example, games for the iPad is much larger, and the level of exclusives Infinity Blade for Android is not expected. For example, a Web browser elements are working correctly (zoom, switches, etc.). For example, the interface is faster and less buggy. Such examples are many, and thanks to them for all his iPad cons still considered the reference tablet and is in constant demand.

Of course, it could not mention the disadvantages. Android – an open system, so there is no problem with files that do not need iTunes. On the iPad this requires hacking device (jailbreak), without all the file management only through iTunes. But even after the jailbreak you do not have Flash, and will not be working properly with torrents (not as smooth as on Android originally). For “fast” with communication modules and change the brightness of the screen once again jailbreak needed (or learning the “gestures”). Do all Android is available initially, and the system is much more flexible, and some models even have built-in USB-port. In this iOS easy to use and requires no additional settings – again, like this one user, but can not arrange other options which are available for other operating systems.

For the restrictions Apple is not fond of, and rightfully so. But the flip side is a smooth operation and excellent base software. According to the statistics of sales, the majority chooses the latter, ie iPad. I am the owner of this tablet for over a year, and now it’s time to change it to the third generation, which has recently appeared. Let’s see whether or not to overpay for a new iPad?

The most important difference – is the screenRetina with a resolution of 2048×1536. Frankly, I was skeptical about this innovation. Resolution increases every day, get used to it. For example, PenTile hype and negativity, but actually see it a few. With the new iPad is another matter, the resolution feels right, especially when you use a few days, and then look at what was the iPad 2. As the saying goes, everything is relative. If you do not want to give up on your iPad 2, do not look at the screen of the new iPad – will sleep peacefully. The old 132 ppi, the new 264 ppi, and it feels good. The text is smooth, clear picture, and by the matrix of very high quality.

My second impression of a negative: a new iPad became thicker and heavierAt 0.6 mm and 51 g, respectively.The tablet of the second generation because the metal case was no longer easy, and it is even harder. That weight is critical. After a light thin Samsung new Apple, of course, redundant. It is unlikely that you’ll get used to it, a long time to keep the new iPad shed heavily. Incidentally, this is the first time in company history, when the new device would be larger and heavier than the old one. The second case, I think, will the iPhone 5. Such is the trend.

Another downside – the priceBut here everything is clear. The new iPad a quarter more expensive than the old. On average, it is much more Android-tablets. On the one hand, it overpaid for novelty, on the other – for the quality of the screen. The latter is the most expensive component of the tablet. By the way, Apple makes it to the Korean LG Display. After the announcement of its collaboration stocks have gone up rapidly. So, and LG, and Samsung, and other manufacturers will benefit from collaboration with Apple (for example, Samsung is bringing revenue 9%).

Well, minus the third, which I have noticed – is essentially the increased amount of applications. They are now longer to download. This is especially critical to break into their devices – have to buy the paid accounts on the file-hosting sites, or you risk an application to pump all night. It’s easier not to crack too. Another trouble is that in some games, simplified graphics. The secret is simple: the banal is not enough power to render graphics on a work permit, you need to optimize. But just as it is, I think, eventually finalize.

Now for the pleasant. Finally, an opportunity to voice dialing. This is not Siri, but something. In my opinion, more fun than actually useful feature. But still a nice addition to the basic functionality. However, there is no support for the Russian. By the way, there is a new iPad, and support our network LTE. As they say, hope and wait. In fact such an attitude to our market Apple is not new, and unlikely to change soon. But there is support for other networks that operate in Russia: HSPA +, HSDPA. The new iPad download speeds several times higher than the iPad 2. And for the Patriots will be good news to add support for GLONASS. The good moments even note a new graphics chip, which is a necessity at this resolution the screen and also including the game will become even more advanced. Personally, I am really looking forward to the new Infinity Blade. Note the presence of another Bluetooth 4.0 (was 2.1) and 1 GB of RAM (was 512MB). With regard to working hours, it is old – up to 10 hours.

Separately, note the camera. It was much better. Optics used in iPhone 4S, however, lower resolution (5 MP), well, no flash. It is clear that the camera is in the tablet strictly optional, but always nice to be able to do more or less high-quality picture and good video (for the new iPad support 1080p, the iPad 2 – 720p). Let me remind you, the iPad 2 was only 0.7 megapixel module srednenkogo quality. There is a good camera, backlit, stabilization, face tracking.

And, perhaps most importantly for migrating to third generation vtrogo – Apple did not interfere with the old accessories. Plug the former, the size is almost the same. In general, everything that you had for the iPad 2 (or almost all), suitable for a new one. As the saying goes, you’re welcome. The company has done all that you have changed your iPad.

So let’s summarize. iPad third generation, in my opinion – it is still evolution. But evolution is pleasant in all respects, as a precursor has been the reference tablet. Now add a beautiful display, the likes of which there is not, and a number of less significant innovations. The main competitor for the new iPad … is iPad  2. It fell to 14,990 rubles and got a second youth. Should I overpay? A moot point, which can only be answered subjectively. I think that the new display, the new camera, the new graphics chip, a number of new features and just the status of new quarters are well worth the price. If you decide to save, iPad 2 will be better than any Android-plates for the same money. In general, the double blow of Android. Well, if you need something more functional (with USB, Flash, open the file system, etc.), I recommend to wait for Windows 8. Already on sale in the autumn will come a number of interesting models that are running Microsoft, and Android will be the ideal “OSes” for smart phones.


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