“Google Now” will Soon Come to iOS

google-now-on-iosA new video from Mountain View announces that , Google Now , will soon be available for Apple devices with operating system iOS . Google Now , like many other Google products, come to iPhone & iPad in promptly bringing the world to the world Apple Google.

Google Now, the virtual assistant

In the last year Google has launched several of its Android applications for iOS including Google Maps, Chrome, Drive, Currents and YouTube . These applications are extremely useful soon reach iPhones & iPads and all because there is some rivalry between the two companies.

However, today we can happily say that we have almost any application from Google on a iDevice .Almost, because so far we were missing one of the most important, Google Now .

Google Now like Siri is a virtual assistant whom we can go to ask anything. These two systems work in much the same way questions aloud giving and receiving data in multimedia form.

The experience we can achieve in Siri or Google Now it depends on the country where we are using and the information we want to obtain. It will be easy to get results of league football or baseball but not so well in the Peruvian league football. Moreover the weather or directions themselves are something that works well in any country.

Now Google iOS soon

As you can see in the video above we Google does not plan to launch a new application for iOS Now Google but complement the current implementation of Google Search with the qualities of the virtual assistant.

Moving your finger from the bottom up in the application can take advantage of everything Google Now has to give, but the update has not been delivered yet and we expect to appear to compare with your version of Android.

Until then we will wait. What do you think of virtual assistants? Are they really helpful? Are you using?Comment in the comments please.


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