Tricks to Search for Images on Google


When you find something on the Internet, almost anything you find. Google is the place to go to, whether pages, news, videos and, of course, images and there you will find all you need.

For images , there are several options to refine our searches and make them more specific, thus obtaining better results. So today we want to know some tricks that they can be useful.

Search images by size


If you need a picture of cats, but has an accurate, there is a simple way to get that image without resizing it later. Enter the image search engine and type:

cats 400×200

The search engine will show you images that fit the stated size. You can replace the 400×200 for the size you need. Obviously, the issue is also optional.

Search images in a specific format


Many times, we require that the photos are in a specific type of graphic format which you can also specify when searching in Google. To do this, type the following in the search box:

Cats filetype: png

Thus, the results will be in. Png, but you can choose whatever you need, ideal for those working in graphic design .

Search Tools

If you do a general search for images, of all forms can refine it using the tools that Google offers within the same browser. Let’s start looking Gatos.

We will receive an impressive amount of results. To enter, click on Search Tools . This opens a menu offering various options, ranging from dates to sizes, to format and even the type of image and color we want.


If you want a picture of a cat, clicked on any type and then pre-designed image. If I want that picture is at Stroke, select Drawing line.

In case you are looking for a photo of black and white cats, click-on any color and select black and white.

The possibilities are many and I recommend to experiment, so in your future searches quickly get the results you need, using all the power and variety that gives us our favorite.


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