Chinese Hackers Breached the U.S. Chamber of Commerce

The Chinese hackers have reportedly tried to steal industrial secrets and technology have Hakkari U.S. satellites, and now a report from the Wall Street Journal claims that Chinese citizens found Hakkari Chamber of Commerce of the U.S. in May 2010.

Chinese hackers breached the U.S. Chamber of Commerce

The first violation is believed to have occurred in November 2009 or earlier, giving hackers less than six months administrator-level access to the network of the Chamber. They know (or revealed) just how much information ekplapisan, but the Chamber declares that fewer than 50 of its members were in danger, but the hacker stole e-mail at least six months by four people dealing with Asian issues.

 Now on how the hackers managed to burst, apparently used a method “spear phishing”, where the Targeted user clicks on malicious links or attachments in emails. The FBI discovered the breach and alerted the Chamber, which then hired outside investigators to determine the extent of data theft. The Chamber has updated since then to network security and prevent workers from carrying mobile devices in countries with high risk of penetration (like China) – however, there is a strange and quite suspicious incident in the whole affair, in which a printer is started “spontaneously” to print pages with Chinese characters. At this point, the Chamber considers that what is important is to identify vulnerabilities and quickly, and believes that it is practically impossible to keep 100% to refute all hackers.


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