Hackers Target the Users of “Pottermore”

Hackers Target the Users of "Pottermore"The Telegraph Reports that Cybercriminals are targeting users of “Pottermore” (The Harry Potter ebook website).

“Pottermore” officially opened in October, and scammers are selling accounts that seek to position intended to provide fans early access.

Currently restricted Pottermore can get in the beta testing of loose is the intention of selling e-book copies of the novels of Harry Potter along material new facet of the author JK Rowling.

Today the hackers are trying to sell checking accounts beta version, up to $ 100 (£ 60) all on eBay, the online security software company GFI.

Despite official warnings Pottermore blog, pirates have continued leading to another advisory warning users against buying online accounts or providing personal information to people giving them.

In a message, said that

The transfer of accounts Pottermore is expressly prohibited. Beta obtain registration of Pottermore with intent to sell in the registration data for profit not only deprives the true fans the possibility of early access … we have the right to terminate all accounts Pottermore sold online, “he told The Telegraph.

Other items to avoid are those created to obtain a discharge of YouTube, often between the surveys.

The download itself is unlikely to be real, and should otherwise be harmful “malware” by Christopher Boyd of GFI.

 The Register (a technology site) also intimate that the  “fans of Potter” those visiting the “Pottermore” site must avoid buying any anti virus software as “scareware” portals which claim to scan PC and remove malicious software.

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