If it had not Called iPhone? These were the Alternatives

Apple-Release-Cheaper-Version-iPhone-End-2013And if  it had not called iPhone?  Thanks to the statements of Ken Segall, former head of advertising at Apple, in a ceremony at the University of Arizona, has shared the different possibilities that the company shuffled when naming their mobile terminal: TELEPOD, Mobi, Tripod and iPad . These were the options I had to call Apple in the iPhone menter.

According to the former head of advertising, the option of calling TELEPOD the iPhone came from the idea of attaching the word telephone and pod , and combine in a single term phone and iPod, then reference company in the world. Furthermore, Mobi , came from the idea of mobile , mobility, mobile, creative term and personality.

Tripod however, if it was a term that combined the features that Apple presented the iPhone in 2007:phone, iPod and the internet , the pillars of the philosophy of Apple mobile and could have made ??a big impact in terms of marketing to tell us the name itself of the possibilities of this device, but ultimately, neither left winner.

Finally, the option was to call iPhone iPad since the company had been working on the tablet before finally opting to build a smartphone. Logically, this name was not chosen for this purpose, and the rest of the story we know all.

Thus, along the lines of iTunes and the iPod, the smartphone company finally just calling iPhone . A name with more hook commercial than other options and that has settled in the minds of consumers as the benchmark for smartphones.

Perhaps in this sense, the term Tripod had not been very far from what the iPhone would finally on the market and, just maybe the ecosystem formed by Phone, iPod, Internet Apps and has been the starting point by which we daily a smartphone with internet in our pockets, where the term iPhone has all its weight.


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