Three Applications to Amaze With your New iPad

New iPadIf yesterday you bought an iPad , congratulations and congratulations on your purchase. But now comes the fun time: fill applications which exploit the full potential of the team and is the same way as with the iPhone, iPad wins a lot with some applications.

Surely if you already counting on an iPad or wore a waiting time you buy a few applications registered ones, or just have to see the multitude of compilations that we have made in recent months .

In any case, here are three perfect extra applications to amaze with the iPad, the kind that give value to the team itself and also leave with their mouths open to your friends:

  • Stuck on Earth . The final application to surprise your new device, an App that lets you travel throughout the world without leaving your couch.
  • Penultimate . One of the utilities that more “surprises” of the iPad into something as simple as a notebook, Penultimate is a great application for this as it almost perfectly imitates a notebook to take notes as if it were a physical book but also with a modern touch and we can add pictures, videos, music …
  • Osmos . The iPad not all games are on raw power and graphics, there are games that explore different concepts can be developed only device like the iPad, Osmos is one of them and if you like games “different” and also snagging this is yours.
  • Bonus : Garageband . We could recommend iPhoto , it’s amazing, but if you are looking for a fun time showing your iPad, the application is called Garageband is that play instruments and magically sound good is an experience, also be sure that your friends fun creating their own compositions.


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