Apple Shows a new Intelligent Flash for iOS Devices

Apple seems to show their cards facing the WWDC. The Cupertino company has released a new patent which is shown in detail a system to attach the flash iOS devices . A new fully intelligent flash for iPhone and other mobile devices  . Once synchronized, we can remotely control various devices to make their flashes are activated simultaneously when a picture is taken from one of them. No doubt a nod to the field of photography that makes us see how Apple prepares us all kinds of developments in iOS 7.

Apple -new-Intelligent-Flash-iOS-Devices

Patents have always been understood as a way to see where advances the Apple innovation department.We’ve seen all kinds of patents that have not come to realize as systems of wireless charging by Smart Cover iPhone Case or transformable into a disposable dock . But developers conference the company less than a month, all tracks are welcome.

Apple has filed a new patent in the USPTO (Patent Office of the United States) with the name of “lighting system” in which are all described various Apple mobile devices interact. Thus, the master can control LED strobe lights remaining distance to enable or disable at will. The main iOS device will sync with the others so that, to take the photo shoot, the rest will activate your LED flash in unison . An aid for impromptu photo shoots that require additional light source, provided considering that the built in flash on iOS devices is of very low quality.

The main device establishes a connection with other secondary devices. The first takes a test image to determine the lighting requirements of the scene and sent to other iOS devices connected a control signal with information about the position, intensity and the exact moment in which the flash jump. A similar system to that used by professional photography studio with wired or wireless connections via infrared. The software also includes guidelines for people who hold the secondary:

(…) A associated to the main device screen can display text to instruct a person holding it to move in one direction, distance or particular inclination, making move the device in a certain way and so on.

For connection, Apple patent proposes in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi network , thus avoiding all kinds of cables or infrared sensors connected to Port Dock / Lightning iOS device in question. The interface to use this new feature would be the camera of iOS including new buttons and preview the test shot and controls for synchronization of the devices.

Apple -new-Intelligent-Flash-iOS-Devices-2

Will we see this new feature in iOS 7? Most likely not but from Cupertino are preparing one of the major iOS updates to date, with hundreds of new developments and tools hitherto unseen. We will have to wait until WWDC to see how Apple surprises us but clearly that will not leave anyone indifferent. Unofficial’ll make a special deployment for live WWDC 2013 with all the news that Apple has.


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