A Designer Claims to have Seen iOS 7 and Gives us the List of Changes

ios7-appleThe secret is saved under iOS 7 is very high. Not surprisingly, should be a turning point in the operating system, now that more and more people decide to try other options and cross out iOS boring and bland. A designer who is hiding under the banner of CK  brings us the list of possible changes in iOS 7. Changes that would ensure a breakthrough observed in the operating system.

This has to catch it with many tweezers. As he has been playing about 20 minutes with a terminal that had installed. It was at a friend’s house, which is supposed to work at Apple and that could take the phone home. Let’s review the changelog of what this person says he saw:

  • Do not double click the home button to see the apps that we use, instead they seem to do some gesture that will lead to a sliding panel where we see a full-screen apps that are running , volume and other things. The applications are not deleted with the touch and hold but they seem to eliminate sliding.
  • At shortcuts Wifi, Bluetooth and all that is accessed by pressing the 4G logo with the name of your provider but the provider’s name no longer appears.
  • The operating system uses a card-based navigation . So you see there are major changes in the way they run the processes, how to interact and navigate. The status bar seems to disappear since in some applications becomes transparent and others not directly.
  • Many focus on full screen content.
  • Elimination of brightness but the user interface was not unified in different applications so you do not know how it will be.
  • Siri is much better.
  • Different types of keyboards .
  • The settings in the application appears to have a facelift.
  • A messenger (iMessage) changed.
  • File sharing between users.
  • A lock screen that allows you to unlock joining dots in a photo (appears to be licensed together with Microsoft) or maybe something with the fingerprint, which would eliminate this system by the photo release for people to buy the iPhone 5S.
  • Notifications suffer profound changes.
  • Real Access to the file system and the ability to send data to any iPhone that is a couple of meters (work with the current iPhone so there would be something done in hardware)
  • Profound changes in how you write the text , so that the lens be changed to a block in the word and show up instantly, without waiting, as well as copy and paste controls.

Personally I find more changes than expected by anyone. If we saw something really sure what the focus of attention of many users would be on iOS. But for now, they are only assumptions and the word of someone you do not know. At the moment is only a month to see who is there in all this.

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